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The 1990s: Why the Decade was so Awesome?

Updated on April 22, 2022

Modern times have been less than stellar. 2020 was just a forgettable as 2021. 2022 is not living up to being a great year either. Why can't we journey back in time when everything was so freaking cool? Do you remember the 1990s? It was the decade of amazing food, fashion, music, entertainment and technology. Today, we will see why the 1990s was the era to enjoy and remember.

Entertainment was Culturally Amazing

Who can forget the Tanners or America's favorite nerd Steve Urkel. I'm talking about the iconic TV shows Full House and Family Matters. The Winslow's were just as cool as the Tanners. Television shows are not made the same anymore. These two culturally significant ones the American public has never gotten tired of watching. Yes full house is getting a reboot in 2019 which is awesome news.

There were two more great sitcoms from the era that was quite addictive. No one will ever forget Seinfeld and Martin with his amazing Sheneneh Jenkins character. The two comedy shows were true gems to the entertainment world. Martin will live on as one of the funniest guy's to ever grace a television screen.

The 1990s decade also had great movies such as Home Alone which starred America's favorite brat Macaulay Culkin who took mischievous behavior to epic heights.

My memory also recall a list of other pop cultural classics films such as Pretty Woman, Sister Act II, Titanic, Saving Private Ryan, The Lion King, Pocahontas, Soul Food and the military classic Men of Honor.

The era produced amazing TV series as well such as Cops, Baywatch, 90210 and Power Rangers the best ever kid show. My childhood memories will never forget such classics.

Cartoons were also super awesome. Do you remember Pokemon and Sonic the Hedgehog? If only the kids today could relive the 1990s era of great children programs how amazing would that be?

Children Hand Held Games

Other Popular Shows

Sister Sister
The Micky Mouse Club
Fresh Prince of Bel Air
My So Called Life
The Sopranos.
Jerry Springer Show

Like many other touchstones of twenty-first-century pop culture, 'The Sopranos' was hatched in the late Nineties, predicting a future that never arrived. It was designed for a decade that would be just like the Nineties, except more so, in an America that enjoyed seeing itself as smarter and braver and freer than ever before.

— Rob Sheffield


The fashion trends of 1990s was cool but crazy. Many of today's fashion critics would definitely give the era a what were you thinking slogan? It was a time of experimenting with different styles. In some instances the fashion trends were awesome, at other times it was not. The way people dressed depended on their mood or interest. There were many popular style choices of the era.

Women from the time period often wore everything from leggings with slouch socks, oversize shirts and sweaters, ripped jeans to knee highs, pantyhose and short slip dresses. They also wore overalls, pencil skirts, Capri's, miniatures backpacks, ballet flat shoes, hoop earrings, big floppy hats, boot cut trousers and baby doll tees.

Men were seen wearing various sports shoes such as Jordan's, Timberland's, grunge Doc Martins combat boots, flak jackets, satin pants, tracksuits, trench coats and rock band t shirts. Popular shoe brands were Nike, Adidas, Converse and Sketchers.

The most popular fashion looks of the era were grunge, hip hop street, sexy preppy school girl and young sporty adult.

I'm heavily influenced by the Nineties - I love juxtaposing a slip dress with trainers and a vintage leather jacket.

— Dua Lipa


The 1990s era produced some of the best musical acts of all time such as M. Carey, Brandy, Aaliyah, TLC, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Britney Spears.

Young teen girls had their favorite boy bands which included Backstreet boy's, Hanson and 98 degrees. There were also great R&B groups of the era which included Jagged edge, Boys II Men and Jodeci.

The late mid 90s produced the Latin explosion which took over MTV in the late 1990s with the rise in popular Hispanics artists such as Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez. It was truly a great time for music lovers. The 1990s R&B was really great. If, only we could bring back the 1990s.

1990s Snacks

If you thought the 90s fashion, music and entertainment was amazing, you'll love the era super delicious snacks. Who can forget the candy cigarettes that made you look super cool? What about Ritz cheese dip crackers or pop rocks, or freeze pops?

Lunchables were also popular among children and young teens. There were so many amazing snacks. It is more than I can name in this article. The 1990s was an incredible amazing snack era.

Crackers and cheez dip
Crackers and cheez dip
Pop Rocks
Pop Rocks

1990s Technology and Gadgets

The 1990s had a cool share of techno gadgets. Do you remember the pager, beeper, CD Walkman, DVD player and modern computer? How about the car phone or the portable camera. These gadgets were super cool to own. They may seem ancient now but at that time it was the best new products on the market.

The Modern Computer and Car Phone

Portable CD Walkman
Portable CD Walkman

Were you a 1990s fan?

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