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Prosperity Works In Mysterious ways!

Updated on September 24, 2012

The law of attraction fascinates me, especially when I see it 'working' and put into action. I just want to go out and yell to the top of my lungs that none of us are alone and no one is destined to lack anything. There truly is enough of everything for us all, but we must first align our self with the universe and the universal law of attraction before the bounty starts coming our way.

I have read and learned that the universal law of attraction is totally impersonal. Stuart Wilde, in The Trick to Money is Having Some says that the universe is like a giant clothing warehouse store. If you order a size 8 that is what you get. A size 14 and that is what you get. Nothing more and nothing less. Our thoughts and feelings are our orders to the universal giant clothing factory store so to speak. The law of attraction responds not only to what we think and ask for, but more so to what we feel. And what we feel on a deeper level can be totally contradictory to what we claim to want and feel on a conscious level. It all goes back to our beliefs. It's real important to become aware of our beliefs, and this often can happen if we watch what we say. The bottom line is in the old saying, "the proof is in the pudding." If we are not attracting what we claim to want, deserve etc, something is not 'quite right' in our beliefs.

This can take some time to assimilate. When I bought The Trick to Money is Having Some, and saw the cover filled with stacks of one hundred dollar bills, I was filled with anger and threw the book across the floor. "Easy for you to say," Stuart Wilde," I said. "You are very rich. I'm struggling day to day. And I was. But I have learned that if I was feeling such strong emotions, and resisting, then there was something for me to learn. Otherwise, I would not have been emotionally hooked or affected. I managed to read the book, and was actually impressed with its contents. I must have read it ten times, and it is very marked up in pencil with comments. That was back in 1995. Now I get a kick out of opening it up to whatever page and reading my comments made so long ago.

We may claim and feel one way on a conscious level but feel completely different on a subconscious level and not even be aware of it. For example, I have a dear friend who recently dropped 50 lbs. Yay and bravo, and kudos and all that jazz, right? We should always rejoice in the success and accomplishments of others. My friend rested on her laurels, commenting that she had not had her girly figure and worn a size 4 in over 20 years. "Yes, you are hot," I told her. "Now how about attracting that good loving man you keep saying you want."

As of August 2012 my dear friend still has not attracted the 'good loving man', daddy for her two girly doggies as she puts it. I also find it interesting that she says she wants a daddy for her dogs. She has never claimed openly that she wants a man for her self. A friend of mine pointed that out to her one day when she again made that comment. Another indication of some subconscious beliefs that can block manifesting. Sadly, my friend has gained twenty-two of the fifty pounds back. We've all, no doubt, heard similar stories, or played and lived out similar scenarios. Why hasn't my friend attracted that 'good loving man?" Because some part of her does not really believe it, and it's also possible that on a deep subconscious level, she does not even want a relationship? I teased her one day and said, Lorrie, you have this neon light on your forehead that says "I don't like men." Lorrie, constantly remarks that men are weak and very selfish. I, of course, remind her that there are a few good men out there. She will nod. The point is, my friend Lorrie, or anybody else, will not and cannot attract what they claim they want, if they have deep seated beliefs that are contradictory. Again, the proof is in the pudding.

In my mid-forties I was struggling financially, living day to day. It was terrible. I, who taught the law of attraction techniques and methods, was not living by the methods, or otherwise said, practicing what I preached. After nearly being in a possibly fatal accident, driving an old junker that had a leak that caused my foot to slide off the brakes, and nearly running into a big tree, I knew something was drastically wrong with my thinking. So, after being shell shocked for awhile, a few cries and poor me 'pity' times, I did what I knew I had to do. I got my books out on positive thinking and the law of attraction and went to it. First, I reread Lynn Grabhorn's fantastic book 2002 New York Times Best Seller, Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. Then I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Next was Ask and It Is Given by Jerry and Esther Hicks, Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill. The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, The Trick to Money is Having Some by Stuart Wilde. The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder,

Next came the working with the concepts and principles. There was much soul searching and self discovery. I learned that I was carrying around some false beliefs which were hindering the prosperity ship from leaving Abundance's shores and coming my way. As a child before going to foster homes we barely got by. My father was in jail for some time and my mother had to go on welfare. I somehow internalized the idea that 'lack' and struggle was natural and the way to live. I wouldn't have consciously admitted it, but that old belief was still very potent in my subconscious mind, and one of the reasons I was not attracting abundance. Once we have such 'epiphanies' 'aha moments' or revelations, we are in a position to make choices of a positive nature that will help to bring the bounty on.

One the most powerful lessons I learned was the power of giving and gratitude. Giving to others and expressing gratitude for what we have, on a daily consistent basis can work miracles and wonders in our life we never thought possible. A few weeks ago I realized that I had not attracted the $10,000 I had been claiming to have stashed as a bird's nest in my savings account. Yet, I had been claiming and giving thanks for my ten grand for some time.

When I meditated and asked my soul and my guides what was up, I was told to practice the art of giving more than I had been doing before. Why not? I said. "I have nothing to lose, because 'giving' provides its own rewards. I began giving. A few coins to a beggar on a street corner. I placed two one dollar bills on the ground on opposite ends of my house and asked for whoever needed them, to find them. I gave the waiter a 30% tip.

I reduced my hourly party rates from $125.00 to $100.00 and my fifteen minutes readings from $40 to $30 at parties. To my pleasant surprise, I worked a party a few days later. The hostess had a tip jar out and in addition to my pay, I went home with $33.00 in tips.

Yes, this prosperity 'thingie' is starting to move along," I said, out loud. I can feel it. And therein lies a crucial point and key in the art of manifesting. The feeling is what is so important. Lynn Grabhorn's subtitle for Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting, is 'the astonishing power of feelings'. I kept imbibing the energy of the 'feel good feeling' about prosperity. I even felt a little silly and childish. And yet, I have seen the law of attraction in action in my life many times before as well as in the lives of others. So, I knew in my soul that heart that I did not really doubt. It was my ego, who can be insecure at times, that was doing the doubting. I kept at it. I read in my books every single day. I prayed. I meditated upon gratitude and prosperity. I read the wonderful teachings of Jesus in the New Testament on the subject. I chanted, sang and wrote positive affirmations that I had written. I did so even when I felt goofy and silly.

A few days later my brother left a voice message, "Brother Michael, this is your brother, Steve. Give me a holler tonight or tomorrow if you can."

Since he made no mention of mom, I assumed nothing was wrong with her or she had not needed to go to the hospital again, as my mother has a lot of health issues. That is a book of its own I may one day write-The power of negative thinking. I called the next evening. My brother and I talked about different things. Then Steve said, I want to share something with you, Michael. I have been doing some thinking. I have decided to move some of our inheritance money as it's not making much interest in the six years it's been sitting in the bank as a CD. I have some good news for you. Next week you will be receiving a check for $5,000." I gulped and almost dropped the phone. I could not believe my ears or what I had just heard.

Steve asked me for my address. I must have looked whiter than a ghost after hanging up the phone. It is one thing to talk about the law of attraction and quite another to witness/see it operating in our personal life. I was truly filled with a sense of awe, mystery and wonder. For my rational intellectual mind cannot understand how such miracles can happen. It may not even believe in miracles and might attribute the so-called miracle experience to coincidence, luck, a fluke, chance or happenstance.

I know better. As Lynn Grabhorn would say, I had been building up a momentum of positive energy and sustaining it with the consistency of my affirmations, visualizations, prayers, and meditations. Instead of having my brother mail the check I decided to take a few days off and visit my family.

Two days later, after going through a pile of bills, my brother handed me the check for $5,000. I was nearly in tears. I have not yet cashed it as I want to enjoy it for a spell. When I do put it in the credit union soon, I will have the bank teller make me a copy. I am still walking around my apartment spellbound and in awe every time I look at it. Sometimes, I even think I just made it all up.

When I need a reminder of the power of positive thinking I will think of that wonderful experience and the work I had to do on my end to bring that miracle about. The mere thought fills me with humility and joyous gratitude. I have tears in my eyes now as I type. Nobody has ever given me that much money, not in one check anyway. I know five grand is a penny in the bucket compared to the worth of an Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and other rich folks. But it's a lot for me. $5,000 today. $50,000 tomorrow. $5 million than $50 million. $500 million. The sky is the limit as the saying goes.

The spirit of giving has descended upon me even stronger. I just couldn't give enough. I had to give. Nothing could be wasted. I even fed my mango rinds and peelings to the chickens along with the peeled potatoes and tomatoes I had brought which had gone a little mushy but were still good. And now a week later I am still giving humble gratitude and wanting and needing more than ever, to share my stories to help others learn to manifest their hopes and dreams. Giving. Sharing. Receiving. It's all important. I am leaving tomorrow for the Labor day weekend to visit my family again in KY. My niece has invited me to join her and her three girls for the annual Grayson County Fair. As they have money issues, I will pay all of their way in and buy them food. It's the least I can do, especially since I was blessed with several psychic readings this week and have some extra money for play.

I kept asking how can I give more so I can receive more. I opened the frig and took out a ripe mango. I sliced it up and instead of tossing the peelings in the garbage disposal, I put them in a baggie for the chickens to enjoy. I will get a kick out of seeing them eat them. Chickens are God's critters along with horses, dogs and all animals. They surely enjoy treats from time to time.

I know there is more, much more, I might add, where that comes from. I have decided to become a millionaire so I can give even more on national and international levels. I'll become a little Mother Teresa or Gandhi as I've fantasized doing for years. A Numerologist told me many years ago that such is meant to be my fate, but I have free will. There are many wealthy people who live extravagant, wasteful lives. They are people like the rest of us. They just have big egos and they dream big and demand that life give them what they want. Many work hard as well. There are also some very nice, wealthy people who give a lot. That is beautiful although I will never understand the need for so much wealth. I guess I will always be part monk and hermit even when I'm rich. I'll give most of it away, and smile for every life I can touch.

I will continue giving, giving gratitude and working with the law of attraction. Bring the bounty on is my new motto!

author of metaphysics books "Morning Coffee With God and God's Many Mansions


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