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What's wrong with the British Education System?

Updated on May 11, 2011

Why have we got to this stage where so many children are demanding, wilful, egotistical, challenging, ‘out of control’ and self-seeking?

Many British teachers are stressed, many children are defiant, obstructive and disaffected by what we currently offer them in Britain. Support from some parents is waning. Contrast that with the eagerness of third world children to grasp an opportunity to go to school, when there are limited resources and facilities.

Where are the old-fashioned principles of treating others fairly (loving their neighbour), being helpful, disciplined and ambitious? Of showing deference and respect to their parents... and respect for themselves.

Should Christianity once again take its place in Britain – The King James Bible is at the helm of much of our language and its contents, (idioms and sayings) and its teachings underpinned the morals and conduct of Britain and made Britain democratic, just and ‘great’.

It has been displaced and even overshadowed by trying to give equal standing to religions which have, relatively recently been introduced to British society. Let’s be proud to be a Christian nation, and still be accepting of others.

We should embrace, recognise and respect other cultures and religions. But maybe this should be as secondary to the Christian framework which originally gave Britain its essence and appeal that all who come here seek. Liberty and fairness!

I am not talking of enforcing church-going – rather just a primary acknowledgment of the role that Christianity played in Britain’s development… and the role that it is still relevant today.

This will give children a tried and tested structure for their behaviour and moral and spiritual development.

Let’s bring back National Service of a kind, or the recently trialled fire service training (already successful with some inner city troubled youngsters) to introduce order, discipline, teamwork and self-reliance. Give our youngsters boundaries and opportunities. Non-compliance with basic civil social expectations should lead to a ‘brat camp’ short sharp shock experience to reinstate values and reinforce self-esteem.

Controversial eh!


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