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British Museum - British Museum London

Updated on May 11, 2011

The British Museum

As many of my readers already know, I am traveling around the UK to visit friends and I also love ancient history so my friend took me on the coach into central London from Slough to visit the British Museum.

Expect a series of hubs from me on tourist spots from around the capital city because I have taken lots of photos and videos of me in Brick Lane, on the 'Tube' and in Windsor. I also met a friend of a friend who had one of the British museum jobs and she was involved in directing the arrangement of the exhibitions, at present there is a display of Afghan treasures.

I have previously written an article regarding the 'British museum 100 objects' and this was objects from history around the world that have been a break-through in understanding our past, including the Lewis chess pieces.

The video I have embedded is not directly related to the British museum but the protests in Trafalgar Square about government spending cuts and student fees are technically history in the making.

In this hub I am basically going to talk through the photographs of interesting objects I encountered during a brief visit to the London British museum near Tottenham Court Road, remember that this is not to be mistaken with the Natural History museum near South Kensington.

  • Firstly the statue of The Easter Island 'Head' that is located in room 24 very close to the entrance was a gift from Queen Victoria but was collected from the Island off the coast of Chile in 1868 by the HMS Topaze.

British Museum in London

One of the sections I really wanted to see in the British Museum London was the Egyptian collection, there were many complete mummies from the old kingdom's and from the later empire that was occupied by Roman's.

  • This particular bronze figure of a cat was from late period circa 661-332 BC and was a dedication to the goddess Bastet with which cats were most associated. It has gold ear and nose rings, a silver collar and protective eye amulet around it's neck.

British Museum Exhibitions

The gigantic head and arm of the Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep III is one of the most prominent photo opportunities in the Egyptian section of the British museum exhibitions and it was brought back from Karnak.

British History Museum

The British History Museum is a giant collection of items from 7 different continents and therefore we did not have time to look at everything in detail but it is interesting to note that this giant Scarub beetle statue was collected from Istanbul which is modern day Turkey.

  • The Scarub statue would probably have been situated in a temple next a statue of the sun god and originates from the Egyptian period between 332-30 BC.

Notice the 3 dimensional perspective of the legs?
Notice the 3 dimensional perspective of the legs?

British Museums

  • Not many British museums can claim they have half as much variety as the British museum London, it has giant artifacts from archeological finds from the┬ápalace of King Ashurnasirpal II who reigned in Ishtar during 883-859 BC.

Mayan Hieroglyphs
Mayan Hieroglyphs

British Museum Opening Times

According to my friend, you have to be well aware of the British museum opening times because if you arrive a lot later than 3.30pm on a Sunday they often closed off the upper levels which include the great Egyptian artifacts.

  • Lastly I wanted to include one of my photographs of Mayan history because another of my Mayan hubs is particularly popular due to the 2012 calender hype, anyhow, I love the symbols that where used in the Mayan alphabet during 300-900 AD.

Trafalgar Square Protests and Me speaking


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