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Brookfield, Wisconsin couple is behind bars, accused of neglecting their disabled teenager

Updated on March 25, 2016

A Brookfield, Wisconsin couple is behind bars accused of abusing their 13-year-old daughter by locking her in the basement and forcing her to wear diapers to school. The 13-year-old teenager was reportedly forced to go to school covered in feces, and her mother and step-father are to blame. Waukesha county officials were made aware of the situation when they received an anonymous call, telling authorities that the teenager was being kept in her basement of her parents home, and that she was being “treated like an animal”.

Not The First Time The Young Girl Was Forced To Wear Dry Feces To School

Authorities have stated that the young girl’s mother and her step-father have been charged with child neglect, saying that their daughter went to school with dry feces all over here on a number of occasions. The young girl had no choice but to wear the feces to school as her parents refused to allow her use the bathroom or even sit on the living room furniture because they felt she stunk and was disgusting. The young girl was forced to stink because her parents refused to clean her or bathe her, forcing her to go to school covered in her own feces.

The Young Girl Was Disabled?

Reports show that not only did this Wisconsin couple abuse and neglect their daughter, the abused and neglected their daughter knowing that she was disabled, diagnosed with autism as well as a cognitive disability. What makes this worse is that these parents forced their disabled daughter to come home from school, go down to the basement where they proceeded to put an adult onesie and a pull up diaper on her, leaving her to sit in her own feces until morning came where they would put clothes on their daughter and send her to school.

Teachers Reported The Abuse Of The Child A Year Ago?

Authorities state that an anonymous call that came in is what grabbed their attention about the welfare and abuse of the young girl, but staff and personnel at Wisconsin Hills Middle School claim that they reported the neglect to the Waukesha County Department of Health and Human Services back in December of 2014. Lutheran Social Services in Waukesha County admitted that they knew how the young girl was living and being treated about a year ago, and yet they failed to remove the young girl out of her parents home, or contact police to have the child removed out of the horrible conditions she was forced to live in. Police claim that when they finally investigated, they found the child living in her basement bedroom, which was about 50 degrees. Not nearly warm enough to keep the young girl from freezing, since her parents made her wear a onesie. The shame is on the Department of Health and Family Services for allowing these parents to continue the abuse of this beautiful young girl; and the parents for abusing a disabled child.

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