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Bryan's Guide to Cannabis

Updated on February 24, 2016
A photo of Blue Dream. A strain of cannabis I believe is best for people looking for relieve with anxiety.
A photo of Blue Dream. A strain of cannabis I believe is best for people looking for relieve with anxiety. | Source

Introduction to Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is the flower of the cannabis plant. Cannabis is a plant that is native to most parts of the world. It has been used for spiritual exploration as well as the many health benefits. There is a lot of information on-line and other sources that is not necessarily incorrect. However, the information only covers what the authors want to include. Most articles you find will not tell you the benefits and risks of using cannabis in the same article. To find both sides of the cannabis story, you must locate and read multiple articles and compare the two. I intend to bring studies and personal experiences together to provide a detailed account of the truths and myths of cannabis as well as the benefits and risks of using cannabis. I, myself, have used cannabis for a number of years. I find it help with a range of mental illnesses as well as a analgesic and appetite stimulant. However, I also find it can cause a person to be unmotivated and simply lazy. Something unknown to most non-users and some users of cannabis, there are a variety of strains of cannabis that contain various cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are chemicals in cannabis flower, Marijuana that trigger these effects. All of these effects can be linked to the different cannabinoids. Some are beneficial to some ailments. Some are beneficial to other ailments.

Generally speaking, all marijuana gives you what some people call a "high". This is a benefit to some and a risk to others. Being "high", relieves stress and increases appetite, which is beneficial for a person with anxiety disorders such as myself. For people looking for relieve from seizures or pain, being "high" may not be a benefit because driving and other abilities that require specialized attention can be diminished. Driving or operating machinery is not a good idea while under the effects of marijuana. All sources I have found reciprocate the idea of refraining from use while preforming complicated tasks. If you suffer from chronic pain, seizures, lack of appetite, or anxiety consider cannabinoids as a treatment option. I myself consider cannabis to be safer than using opiates for pain or medications like Xanax for anxiety. Both opiates and Xanax are extremely addictive. I believe cannabis can be addictive as well but, the likelihood if it causing the same extensive withdrawal issues is somewhat minuet. If you are unsure that marijuana is right for you, please consult your physician as most are educated on the issue.

These are some of my personal experiences with cannabis. My conclusions may not be correct by everyone's standards. I intend to bring in sources respected in the medical community to later articles.

Your use of medical marijuana

If you have medically used marijuana, what did you use it for?

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