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Bullies In Public School

Updated on August 27, 2011

Have you ever seen any changes in your child since they come back from school lately? Have you seen them go inside their room and cry alone? Have you seen your kid ever stand alone behind the crowd and feared to be around with other kids? Well, I have seen it and this often happen to many kids in elementary school, middle school and even high school. Children and teens get bullied every day now and then and violence is even more aggressive than before that parent are afraid to send their child to public school. Bullied in school should be enforce because this is a safety for our children.

How to stop our child from being bullied? Get proactive! You have to be proactive with your child education and talk to the teacher about it. Ask teacher for a parent conference so that you could speak to the child parent from both side. It well really going to provide both parent from both side attention and then consequences could come after that. For instant, when my little sister was in second grade, she was being bullied by her classmate friend. She come home every day after school crying and tells me that no one like her. The students threaten her that if she tells the teacher they will beat her up. I talk to the teacher about it and so she spoke with the kid about it. If the kid doesn’t listen and still continue doing it, then parent conference from both side of the family must sit and talk about it. I spoke with the girl side of the family but it didn’t come out that good. The school staff has to call police for back up. It wasn’t my side that was being over reacting but it was the girl side of the family that my sister has problem with. She claims her daughter is innocent and says I accused her daughter. She got up pointing fingers at me and curse. I got up and we pretty much got into a serious argument that the school police have to come in for back up. Overall, police would have to separate us and talk to the kids to find out the truth of what went wrong. At the end, student from both sides is wrong because they were picking on each other and bullying one another. The girl thinks my sister is a bully and my sister thinks she’s a bully. So you really have to get proactive with your child education and school to know what is really going on.

How to know if your child is a bully?

  1. The child is acting cocky
  2. Child showing behaviors like a ring leader
  3. Showing some aggressive behavior like hurting other feeling

Scientific study that bullies really start from middle school but from my part, I don’t believe it because bullies really start in Elementary school. Beginning 5th grade is when bully start. As an experienced, I have been bullied and in particular, it started in 5th grade. Beginning if my 5th grade school year, I was transferred to another Track and beginning to know new classmate. I have hard time making friends so I been lonely during that moment. Groups of girls thought it would be nice picking on me for fun and it turn aggressive each day.

I had my hair pulled, rocks thrown at, push and so on. I have told the teacher about it and he did talk to the girls about it but never did they stop. One day, I was walking to the bathroom alone, those groups of girls walk behind me. The bathroom was empty so they had that chance to beat me up in there without teacher noticing. I had my face flushed in the toilet, haired pulled, beaten in there until I lost conscious, I remember I woke up from the bell ring…for I don’t know how long I was in there. The teacher didn’t realize it until right after school which was very pathetic. I walk home with a bleeding nose, black eye and scratches. When I got home from school; my mom drop to her knee and start crying as I run to her arm. My mother then demands my uncle to go to the school and talk to the teacher about it but they didn’t do much about it. During those time my parent and my uncle doesn’t know that we could sue the school or make report to the police because we were still pretty new to the country. I didn’t know much about the law and my mom and dad just started adult school and they didn’t know much as well.

I didn’t have a perfect childhood school year and this would always be memorized forever until the last breath I breathe on earth.

I’m not saying that because I was bullied in 5th grades then bully really start in 5th grade but I also have seen it on news, heard from parents and even friends. They come to me and complain about their child behaviors and how other people start picking on their child. Picking up my sister from school, I hear 5th graders exchanging improper language to one another. At home they do the same to other kids as well.

It really hurt me deeply to see these kids are learning how to be violence on one another and this is just the beginning. If we as parent, teachers or any adult out there are not doing anything about it, they will grow up to learn that it is okay to do it.


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