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Bullying: A Practical Exercise to show kids the effects of Bullying

Updated on November 25, 2011

I have observed that sometimes when teaching, learners understand the lesson more, when it is explained in a practical way. Below – I share how a Teacher explained the Effects of Bullying.

The Teacher was in New York and gave her pupils the following exercise to perform. She asked the children to take a piece of paper and crumple it up. She asked them to stamp on it and really make a mess of it, but not to tear it. After that, she asked them to unfold the paper, smoothen it out and observe how scarred and dirty the paper had turned out....... She then asked them to say sorry to the paper. They looked puzzled but still went ahead and apologised to the paper.

She pointed out to them that even though they apologised to the paper and tried to fix it, all the scars were still left on it and they would never go away - no matter how hard they tried to make it right.

Finally she said: “That is what happens when a child bullies another child, they may say they are sorry afterwards, but the scars are there forever.”

The looks on the faces of the kids told her, that they got the message. Bullying leaves physical and emotional scars for life.

I hope you share this with others too.

Thank you.



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