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Effects and Causes of Bullying in the Society

Updated on October 24, 2017

As a student, there are lots of problems and violence’s happening in the school especially among the students. One of those problems is bullying.

Bullying is a malicious intention of a person or a group to hurt the physical or intellectual aspect of an individual or even a number of victims in school. This happens when there is unequal power or strength among the people. Some children used to bully other weaklings children have superiority by using his physical strength, the knowledge or information about the person he is bullying, or he even uses his popularity to control and create risks to others. We can say that it is bullying when done repeatedly or somewhat have the intention to repeat it another day.

Bullying sometimes is not too violent. Actually, bullying that are not too violent has a greater effect. For you have a clear understanding here there are various kinds of bullying:

Sad Boy
Sad Boy | Source

Kinds of Bullying

1. Verbal bullying- speaking or writing bad words against the person. This involves saying bad words, shouting, and even infecting the life of others. According to the study of PLAN Philippines, this bullying is usually common or the main type of bullying that can be experience by the student. Even in early stage of studies as students there are experiences that bully had been a great problem to them, here are some of the projected percentage; 50%of students in first to third grades, 67% in the fourth to sixth grades and 65%in high school in high school. This is not too much violent but it gave already risk to the students who suffer this kind of bullying.

2. Social or Rational Bullying- it has an aim to ruin the reputation and relationships with other people. This involves the rejection, by encouraging other students not to make friends with another person or in a certain group, but dispersing rumors, by creating shameful experiences in front of other people and many others.

3. Physical Bullying- this is a physical abuse of an individual or in a group at by destroying properties.

Profile Character in Bullying

The bully or the person who make bullying

According to the study of Karin E. Tusinski (2008) the causes of bullying of a person probably determined how their parents mold them. He said that:

1. Their parents tolerate their behavior and they don't give warnings about the things that they must not do.

2. They don’t feel the love of their parents

3. They do not improve the communication and relation inside the family.

4. Parents use physical maltreatment to discipline their children.

5. They saw the violent actions of their parents that cause to have bad feelings to others and eventually the feel the happiness by bullying others.

All of these are the signs that a person is becoming a bully. The one who bully has views in doing bad things and hurt others –some of them have the desire to be on top and to be dominant person. They use this superiority to achieve their desires, the children who become weaker than him his victims. They are grateful to feel their full highness to them. They wanted to follow and to make others afraid of; In order for them to be acknowledged as the most powerful in their school.

Bullied Girl
Bullied Girl | Source

The person who experience bullying

Here are some possible reasons:

1. Physically indifferent- examples of this are the persons who are having defect or deficiency to their body like too much fat or thin, too tall or small, etc.

2. Dresses up differently- examples of this are girls who probably target a person who dresses old and are conservative. They bully the person by saying vulgar words.

3. Sexual orientation- you can experience bullying if they observed that you are being weak/soft as a man or being boyish as a girl.

4. Short-tempered- the bully person enjoys seeing the person whom he is bullying having a short- tempered.

5. Anxious and insecure- lose of security to yourself if the bully person seen weakness in you.

6. Low self- esteem- having low self esteem is a very good indication to the bully to show his superiority. It increases confidence to the bully if he saw the weakness to a person and the sense of inability to depend oneself

Effects of bullying

According to Michael Diamond, director of PLAN Philippines,” it is very alarming that the victims of bullying are rapidly increasing. It affects the way they socialize with others and often times serve as hindrances in engaging in their school activities that even decreases their grades in their studies.” More than that, it probably causes fear in the face the society. It leads to often leave the class causing of them to stop their studies and to refuse to study again.

Here are some main effects of bullying:

1. There are studies that were proven that victims of bullying have over anxiety, bitterness, sleep difficulties, low self- esteem, even headache or stomachache and general tension compared to those who are not victims of bullying. It gives stress that leads to unhealthy body that causes low immunity.

2. The victims of bullying often have fewer friends or may not have a friend. Because they have a low self-esteem, they find it hard to find a friend. It causes them to be alone and sometimes think that they don’t have the right to have friends. And some people who are not victims of bullying don’t like to be friends with victims because they are afraid.

3. Another possible effect of this is that they can also practice bullying and become violent also in the future. This maltreatment can also do to themselves, in school, or even to the person who the same with them. It causes them to do violent actions and they are begging to give or take revenge.

But some authorities never give attention to this because they believe that bullying is part of adolescents’ period. Some said that it’s part of growing-up. It is important to understand that it is not normal to be a victim of bullying.

Bullying has also good effects to the person who is being bullied and at the same time bullying has also effects to the person who do it. It has short time and long-time effect like they might engage to a wrong doings like cutting classes and may lead to worst.

Some victims also maltreat other people and displace there angers to other who is much weaker to them. These kinds of self change must be stop because if not it may lead to big problems and difficulties to the future. Unpleasant images of a bully person may lead to isolation and sometimes less friends.

What will happen if this kind of traits is not moderated? It may cause conflicts to other people and may bring tragedy in their lives, in their family, in school, and in society. One good example of this is the experience of the student that bullied their fellow students in Colejo de San Agustin in Manila; her father tolerates it and because of it they suffered a miserable life. Remember, this is not normal in the stage of adolescence. This must not be tolerated because it is not part of growing up.

Do you have experience being bullied?

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    • profile image

      Evelyn 3 years ago

      My daughter was born May 1st. So my first Mothers' Day came when Grace was only 10 days old. We had lepope over because my mom was visiting.. I sat on the couch holding my child and looked as though I would attack anyone who came within 3 feet of me. Then about an hour before dinner I left strict instructions that dinner be brought to me in bed and I took my child to my bedroom, and didn't say goodbye to anyone. That was a Mothers' Day to write home about.. or maybe just a sign that I was heading for dark waters (otherwise known as sleep deprivation)

    • profile image

      Riana 3 years ago

      abarbara on This is the work done by Paula Gambin, Cherise Greach, Shannon Pace, Graziella Chetcuti and Megan Galea for the YRE cotipmiteonabarbara on This is the work of Grace Anne Muscat for the YRE cotipmiteon

    • KenDeanAgudo profile image

      Kenneth C Agudo 3 years ago from Tiwi, Philippines

      Hello Mochi:

      Thank you for stopping by, yes hate bullies too. In your story I featured out the ebook that I have read on wattpad, I guess, parents have the role in it but mostly, the student must stand and be strong to counterfeit the bully. haha

      Ken :)

    • mochirajackson profile image

      mochirajackson 3 years ago from Liverpool, United Kingdom

      Great Hub. In the UK, schools haved anti-bullying policies in place, but I know that they don't work, in practice. My daughter had to take on a bully by herself, but then she was the one who got into trouble! I told her not to run from bullies and to stand up for herself and she has had no tr0uble with the bully ever since. It was only when several other parents complained about the bully that something was done. As it happened, this particular girl's mum would make offensive gestures at other parents, so it is no surprise where the girl learned her behaviour, is it?

      Unfortunately, when you leave school and enter the workplace, that can be full of bullies too. I have had several 'bullying' bosses in some of my previous jobs, but I always stood up to them. I think bullies in the workplace do it because they don't like their jobs, or they are threatened by people.

      Thanks for sharing x

    • KenDeanAgudo profile image

      Kenneth C Agudo 3 years ago from Tiwi, Philippines

      Thanks for the critic and observation. I do accept that I am not so good in terms of grammar since English is not my native language and beside I am still young, there are plenty of time for me to improve. Thank you, with this comment. It makes me feel inspired to be better.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 3 years ago

      Although your article has potential, there are sentences which lack consistency and coherence.

    • KenDeanAgudo profile image

      Kenneth C Agudo 4 years ago from Tiwi, Philippines

      @Writer Fox Thank you for the read fox :)

    • Writer Fox profile image

      Writer Fox 4 years ago from the wadi near the little river

      I think bullying is a problem in every country. Enjoyed your article.

    • KenDeanAgudo profile image

      Kenneth C Agudo 4 years ago from Tiwi, Philippines

      hello Geniusknight!

      Thank you for the visit, i will be checking it out

    • KenDeanAgudo profile image

      Kenneth C Agudo 4 years ago from Tiwi, Philippines

      Hello sheilamyers :

      Thank you sheila for you very sincere and wonderful comment. It was inspiring too, even i got bullied when i was in elementary and I bounce back and stand up when i am in high school and prove to them that they were all wrong, now, they reliaze that they were wrong of judging me like that. You have also the point that even in college some are bullied too.

      Have a wonderful day my good friend =)


    • Geniusknight profile image

      Nell 4 years ago from Netherlands

      Great hub ! I have written a short novel/comic on the topic, you can read it here

    • profile image

      sheilamyers 4 years ago

      Awesome hub! I love how you've provided all the of the information about both the bully and the people being bullied. I was bullied a few times while in school, but not as often as other kids. Now that I'm older I see how even older people do the same thing. Being bullied often doesn't end after high school. It can be experienced in college and in the work-place. While in high school I learned one thing and that was to help the kids who were being bullied. I'd stand up for them and often the bully would back down. Instead of kids being worried about the attacks getting focused on them if they help, I think the more they band together the less power the bullies have.