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Burning of petroleum gives out about 33% more greenhouse gases

Updated on January 30, 2016

ONGC aims to start commercial drilli


Uses of petroleum in different fields


Uses of petroleum in different fields

Petroleum is natural oil found among rocks. It is a mixture of hydrocarbons. The crude oil needs to be cleaned through fractional distillation. During distillation, different products can be extracted.

Uses of petroleum in different fields

These are petroleum gas (used home LPG), petrol (used in vehicles and in industries, namely dry cleaning), diesel (used in vehicles including trains and in generators.), kerosene (primarily used as fuel in the kitchen). The residue left after distillation is distilled again to extract asphalt (the black, sticky substance used to make metal led roads), lubricating oil (used in machines) and paraffin wax (used to make candles and polish).

Petroleum products are easy to transport but an accident oil spill from a tanker on the high seas can destroy the entire marine life in the region. Burning of petroleum gives out about 33 percent more greenhouse gases than given by natural gas.

Sweden is not happy depending on fossil fuels including oil and natural gas. Most of it comes from other countries, for which Sweden has to pay a hefty price. Besides, some of it is lost in transmission or transport. Oil prices are rising. Natural gas oil is becoming a bone of political contention leading to fights among countries.

Burning of fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases. In 2005, the oil department of Sweden decided to encourage use of renewable sources of energy and lessen the use of oil to a minimum, by 2020. Sweden is using water power or hydroelectric energy and nuclear energy instead and will introduce other renewable sources of energy gradually. By 2020, Sweden’s transport system, industries and homes will use about a quarter to half the amount of oil used to day. Sweden is also using wave energy and solar energy. Therefore, many wind farms are being developer there. All these steps will reduce Sweden’s carbon emissions by a whopping amount! If Sweden can do it, so can the rest of the world!

First oil drilling rig being built in India


India's oldest important oil – bearing area in the eastern part of the Himalayas is Assam

The entire oil production of India so far comes from the Assam – Arakan belt, the Gujarat Cambay belt and the Bombay High offshore zone. The first belt runs from extreme north – east of Assam to the eastern border of the Brahmaputra and Surma valley. The second belt extends from Mehsana (Gujarat) in the north to the continental shelf off the coast of Ratnagiri (Maharashtra) in the South.

In order of importance the main areas of mineral oil deposits are -

Mumbai high – In Maharashtra, about 176 kilometers off Mumbai in the Arabian Sea, a huge oil deposit, known as Mumbai High, was struck in 1974. Mumbai High is the most productive oilfield and has a reserve of 5 crore tonnes of oil. Mumbai High is so called because of the height of the syncline of the rock structure in which the oil has been struck. It is higher than the normal height and oil is taken from the depth of over 1,400 meters with the help of a specially designed platform known as `Sagar Samrat'. It is a self – propelled jack – up type drilling platform.

Oil fields of eastern region – India's oldest important oil – bearing area in the eastern part of the Himalayas is Assam. Digboi oilfield situated in Lakhimpur district of upper Assam is the biggest oil field in India. Moran, Bappapung, Hausanpung and Hugirijang also have oil fields.

Oil fields of Western region- In Gujarat, Camby basin is the site of the main oil breathing sand. The other oil fields of importance are Kalol. Koyali, Kosamba, Kathana, Ankleswar and Navgaon in Gujarat.

Besides these oil fields, a number of potential oil bearing fields have been discovered in the states of Tripura, Punjab, Nagaland, Gujarat, West Bengal and Jammu and Kashmir and also in the Cauvery, the Krishna and the Godavari basins in the South.

Essar Energy to drill at Mumbai High field



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