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Buy Worms Online - Composting, Fishing and More

Updated on July 19, 2010

Why would you want to Buy Worms?

The other day my friend mentioned to me that she was buying worms online and I immediately thought it was gross. Ok it wasn't the other day but it was a couple months ago. I was not only grossed out by the fact that she was going to buy worms online but I was also curious as to why someone would buy worms, so I asked and then when I thought about the answer it actually made a ton of sense.

The thing is that worms are used for a lot more than just grossing people out or being the featured dish in a popular kids book about fried foods, worms are being used to help compost both indoors and outdoors. With a down economy people are starting to buy worms online to not only raise them to feed their pets but also for fishing food, for their gardens to help enrich the soil and also for educational purposes. You can buy worms from certain worm farms which exist all over the country and worm farms are becoming one of the most popular types of growing trends.

With everyone wanting to become eco friendly and wanting to help save the earth, more and more people are starting to learn about things like worm composting or vermicomposting. The vermi comes from the long form of the term earthworm egg since you are using worms to do the composting of your garbage. Vermicomposting or worm composting is a fast growing trend because not only does it help to get rid of your garbage in a much more eco friendly manner than dumping it in a landfill (not all types of trash or garbage can be worm composted though) but worm composting can be done indoors or outdoors and is extremely inexpensive and affordable. Not only can you then use the compost for other thing like fertilizing your gardens or even making compost tea. Ok I cut that sentence off to leave you with a gross though of someone actually sitting there and making a drinking tea made from compost.

Compost tea is used to water and feed your indoor and your hanging plants. All you do is take the compost from your indoor worm composter or outdoor worm composter and make a tea bad using a paper. Then you soak it in the water and water your plants like normal. Because you essentially make a tea bag from your compost and put it in water like you would a normal tea bag, that is how compost tea got its name. So besides worm composting, both indoor and outdoor composting, what else would you buy worms for.

The next most obvious answer is for your garden to help enrich the soil. But besides your garden, avid fishermen who want to save money and really like a hands on approach have started to buy worms online in order to save money and raise amazing bait for their fishing trips and fish farmers have begun buying worms online in massive quantities to grow and raise their own fish food for the fish that they farm. Pet owners who have lizards and other pets that eat worms buy worms online in order to save money and not have to make trips to the pet store and teachers and parents who like educational gifts buy worms online in order to teach their kids about how the earth works and the important role that worms play in making their food. You can even buy mini worm farms and grow seeds into plants and vegetables and put a couple worms in to show how the worms help to make the plants much healthier by making the soil better for them to grow in.

When I first heard that my friend was going to buy worms online it kind of grossed me out but when I actually thought about it and realized she has a fabulous vegetable garden it all made sense to me and all of the sudden I realized that more and more people are starting to buy worms online to start worm composting with both indoor and outdoor worm composting kits. I never thought in a million years I would be supporting or even thinking about recommending that people buy worms but then again, I never really thought of the important role that worms and worm composting can play on our lives and how much worms really help to save the environment. Buying worms online I guess is the new black dress or new trendy pump so maybe someday I'll end up buying worms online as well and start worm composting.


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