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Updated on July 26, 2016

How to overcome challenges

Russia, USA and China are the examples of superpower countries around the world. For India to be the next superpower and play the role which china has played for the last 20 years we as a nation will have to work on our capabilities and strengths.
We are an amazingly youthful nation .By 2020,the average age in japan would be 47, china well above 40, Europe 47 and USA would be around 40 and we India will have an average age of 29.So we are the youthful , productive and dynamic young population ready to work and transform the world.
The literacy rate in India when British left was a meager 16% and the literacy rate now is around 74% with Kerala being the highest.
This brings us to the factors which will play a key role in making India a superpower nation.

In Future the world is going to migrate from the fossil fuel energy to the renewable energy. India being in the sunny tropical region belt we could largely benefit from it. India’s cumulative grid interactive or grid tied renewable energy capacity has reached 33.8GW.

India is the second largest populous country in the world it is predicted that we are going to beat china by the year 2030. We are one of the largest workforces. The only hindrance would be the lack of skill. But the Governments ambitious program skill India and digital India aims to improve the skill among the youth.

India has the third largest economy in this world after the USA and China and we are growing at the rate of 10.4%.

Education plays a key role in the development a country. It is the educated and the creative minds of the youth which help the country to achieve excellence.
The strength of a country also lies in its military capabilities.


A quarter of the Indian population lives in poverty. The poverty is one of the foremost issues to be addressed by the ruling governments.
Inflation refers to the sustained increase in the prices of goods and services. The ever volatile Indian market puts the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) largely at risk.
Large number of youth in India is unemployed. Students even after completing their graduation do not find jobs matching their resume.
Inspite of all these challenges, India is brimming with Opportunities and can look forward to play a key role in the world decisions. Yes India can be a superpower.


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