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CC Cycle 1 Week 8 Plan for Abecedarian Tutors

Updated on July 25, 2019
iijuan12 profile image

Former abecedarian CC tutor (iijuan12), former history teacher, & currently a Christian homeschooling mama of 9 blessings

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 8 Abc Tutor Plan - Science Activity: Plants Around You
Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 8 Abc Tutor Plan - Science Activity: Plants Around You

This is the plan I used while tutoring a Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 8 abecederian class. I have included all the subjects including new grammar, tin whistle, presentations, science, and review game. I also added my weekly parent email. This is not an official tutor plan. It's simply what I did. I'm sharing it so other tutors can use it as a springboard from which to plan your own lessons that are tailored to best meet the needs of your own class.

New Grammar

9:30 – 10:00 am


(Class set of trivium maps, dry erase markers, and small pieces of paper towels will already be at each seat.)

-Have the children use their dry erase markers to trace around the border of Africa and then erase them.
-Have the children put the caps on their markers and lay them down.
• Point out the locations on my map one by one. (I say, “Eyes and pointer fingers up” each time before I introduce the next location.) Each time have the children find the location on their maps using their fingers. They say the location, and I confirm, “Yes, that is…”. Repeat.
• Show me/Tell me the locations using a dry erase marker.
-Show me where [location] is. Put a dot on it. [Repeat this for each location.]
-Put the caps back on the markers, but don’t erase anything yet!
• Go through the locations with me while erasing locations one by one using the piece of paper towel. (Do them out of order.)
***Mom/Dad Helper: Collect markers and maps and return to tutor bag. Throw away paper towel pieces.***

  • (*At home we’ll be learning the locations using the songs & hand motions by CCHappyMom.)


  • Again show Llama Llama Latin Llama with a 3 birthday candle, llama puppet, & snake puppet*. On her 3rd birthday, Latin Llama's friend, Hiss the Snake, gave her a birthday gift of various aces. Together they had fun playing “Go Fish!” together. Various, hiss, and ace help us remember how the 3rd declension noun endings sound!
    (Idea came from CCC user rtseely)
  • Go through each motion from last week while singing through each part 1 time & not repeating:

various – wiggle fingers like you have various ones
is: fingers in front of mouth like fangs: like the snake says hiss
i: like in knee, so point to knee
em –sign language m – take 3 fingers and fold them over your thumb
e – like in net - toss fingers out and pull back in like you’re catching something with a net
(1X and then sing “Singular Third Declension”)
Es – “ace” – so form body like capital A
um –like vacuum
ibus – like you’re driving a bus – pretend you’re moving the steering wheel
es ---“ace” – so form body like capital A
ibus --– like you’re driving a bus – pretend you’re moving the steering wheel
(1X and then sing “Plural Third Declension)

  • Let each child have a turn "leading" the class by singing it into a toy microphone. Again, we will only sing through the singular and plural declension one time each.

Note: I changed the e sound to be like a net rather than a gagging sound.


• Hear me sing the 14's.
• Have children sing it with me.
• Play “London Bridge” with the helping moms/dads being the bridge and the children walking under their arms. When you sing “182” drop arms and “trap” the child while singing "196, 210." Do this 5 times. (The tune of the song is not London Bridge. It's just a fun game to play while singing the song.)


• Chant the science sentence while children listen.

• Vary who says it: Children say it with me. Right table says it. Left table says it. Girls say it. Boys say it. Everyone says it.


• Flash the cards, while singing card titles 1, 2, & 3, then 1-4 card titles, then 1-5 card titles, and 1-6 card titles.
• While singing and flipping through the final time (doing all 7 cards), pass one out to each child.
• Have them bring up their timeline card one by one and put it on the board as we sing the song together.


  • I chant while children listen.
  • Speed Chants: Children say it with me really slowly. Say it slowly. Say it regular speed. Say it fast. Say it super fast. Say it super duper silly fast.
  • (*At home we’ll be learning this using the hand motions from thomandjody. The slowed down version is below. The video at speed with the CD is at .)


  • Sing the history sentence & do hand motions while the children listen.
  • Sing through the history sentence as you quickly explain each motion:

Imperialism = use hands to make a crown
British = stand at attention like a British soldier
Rule = pound the ground with your imaginary scepter
India = point to dot on forehead
1858 = act like you just ate something, 5 fingers, & act like you just ate
Queen Victoria = use hands to make a crown
Empress = pound the ground with your imaginary scepter
India = point to dot on forehead
1877 = act like you just ate something, 7 fingers, & 7 fingers
Assassination = make a gun with your right hand and shoot your left hand
1948 = head on hands for night-night, 4 fingers, & act like ate something
Mohandas Gandhi = pretend to walk with a cane
passive resistance movement = wave arm so it is passing in front of you
India’s = point to dot on forehead
Independence = ASL “I” with R & L pinkies and move outward like ASL for peace
(Motions are a compilation of ideas from the below video, FB Laura D., and CCC user NoGreaterJoy5.)

  • Vary who sings it: Have everyone sing & do the motions with me 2 times. Have everyone do the motions but only the girls sing it with me. Have everyone do the motions but only the boys sing it with me. Have everyone sing it & do the motions.

Fine Arts

10:00-10:30 am

Play Performance

  • Allow any children who practiced a song at home play it for us. (Each of my children wanted to stand in front of the class and play random puffs.)


  • Go through notes on dynamics as directed from the Foundation Guide. I spoke demonstrating the dynamics (i.e. increasing volume while saying, "crescendo") & then we sang the first part of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star using each dynamic.

Time to Play

  • Review Rules: Tin whistles are sleeping. They are silent and still. If you move or touch your tin whistle when you're not supposed to, your tin whistle will have a time out in the tin whistle jail. [Point to tin whistle jail drawn on the board.]
  • Review Parts: Review parts of the tin whistle by asking them to touch each part as you say the name.
  • Allow children to play based on the script by MaryKbry of Blanchette Trio ( )
  • Left hand on top = Tape on top. [Helping mom/dad can put stickers on their left hand.]
  • Start in chin position. Remember, no blowing until I say.
  • Start with C# (no fingers) - 3 notes: I say, "C#, C#, C#. I play it. Lip position. They play it. Chin position.
  • Now B (1 finger) - Remember to cover that hole so you can have whistle warts! 3 notes: I say B, B, B. I play it. Lip position. They play it. Chin position.
  • Now D (6 fingers) - [Show the correct finger positions & have your helping parent also help check. This is really hard for most of the little ones, but try anyway.] Cover those holes. Nice, flat fingers. 2 notes: I say D, D. I play it. Lip position. They play it. Chin position.
  • Now A (2 fingers) - Cover those holes. 2 notes: I say A, A. I play it. Lip position. They play it. Chin position.
  • Now B (1 finger) - Remember to cover that hole so you can have whistle warts! 2 notes: I say B, B. I play it. Lip position. They play it. Chin position.
  • Now A (2 fingers) again. - Cover those holes. We'll do 1 long note: I say A. I play it. Lip position. They play it. Chin position.
  • Very nice! Let me see your fingers. Who has whistle warts? Excellent!
  • Now let’s play what is in the Foundation Guide. First we’ll do it while in chin position. Remember flat fingers.
  • Now we'll play it together slowly.
  • Play the first line of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star by doing the first bar (DD, AA) and then the second bar (BBA). I play it, and then they repeat after me.
  • When someone is struggling & looks frustrated, reassure him or her, “Keep trying. You’ll get it!”
  • Remind everyone to practice at home. If they’d like to play a song for us next week, they can. We'll be playing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star at the Thanksgiving lunch, so it would be a great song to practice at home.


10:30-11:00 am


  • Have children collect presentation items from the basket/table.
  • Remind that when someone else is talking, children should: Stop, Look, Listen.
  • Remind about presentations: Posture: Upper Body: Stand straight, shoulders relaxed, head high. What is today’s focus? [Remember to raise your hand to answer.]
  • Each child gets 1 question token (a foam rectangle with their name written on it).
  • Have children go in alphabetical order. (Will rotate each week.)
  • Next week's skill to work on: 3-Second Rule - Count to 3 [silently in your mind] when beginning and ending.
  • Return presentation items to backpacks.

Bathroom Break & Snack Time

Pray. Bathroom break. Get snacks from snack basket and have snack while listening to memory work CD.

Science Activity

11:00-11:30 am

  • Isaiah 61:11 says, ”For as the earth brings forth its bud, As the garden causes the things that are sown in it to spring forth, So the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations.” Just like all the plants that are springing up around us, God is springing up righteousness in us so that we can praise Him.
  • If you can go on a nature walk at your campus, lead the children outdoors to observe and/or collect items of interest. They enjoy carrying around gallon sized plastic bags for specimen collections. You can add a BINGO sheet with pictures (such as the one on by CCC user KnoxFamily.
  • If you cannot go on a nature walk at your campus, you can have the children show off items they brought from home. I limited it to 5 items per child. Try to identify any leaves, flower parts, and seeds. Occasionally ask, “What do you notice about this?” Add any additional information you might know about those items and include scripture when possible. For example, one of the moms added that usually before a hard winter, more acorns will drop. This allows for animals like squirrels to store up more food. If God takes care of these animals, He will also take care of us.
  • If time allows, have each child to select 1 item to draw.


11:30 am – 12 pm

  • Geography Fast Review: Hand out maps to each child. Divide up children among you & the helping moms so that you are able to each check specific child and what they are pointing at. Call out the geography locations from weeks 2-8. Have children tell me or show me locations using their fingers.
  • Superman Fit Deck: Each child gets a turn selecting a week (written on slips of paper in a bag). The child who pulled the paper answers the history question from that week. The next child answers the science question from that week, and then we move down the line until we get through all the subjects. Then the child who picked the week card gets to pull a random exercise card (I use FitDeck Junior Superman cards) & everyone does 10 of whatever is on the card. Then have the next child in line select a week and repeat the process again.
  • Note: I always give children the option of reciting by themselves, reciting with a prompt from me, reciting with help from the entire class, or reciting with just me.

FITDECK Kids Exercise Playing Cards for Guided Workouts, Superman
FITDECK Kids Exercise Playing Cards for Guided Workouts, Superman
I actually keep this deck in my tutor bag just in case a review game isn't going well. My kids LOVE these and ask to use them frequently. Each card has a different exercise on it. Since they're on cards that have Superman on one side, the kids view it as a game. When I'm not using this for tutoring, I use it with my own kids at home between homeschool work breaks when it's too hot or too cold to go outside.

Abecedarian Applause Week 8

(my weekly parent email)

It was a delight getting to see you all today at CC! Check your children’s backpacks as almost everyone wanted to bring home “treasures” from their owl pellets.

We'll be playing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on our tin whistles at the Thanksgiving lunch. We'll be practicing it in class each week. If you’d like to have your child practice that song at home (or any other song) and play it for us in class, we’d love to hear it! At the beginning of tin whistle time each week, each child has an opportunity to perform a song they learned at home if they would like to play it for us.

Let me know if you have any questions about the field trip to Noble's Greenhouse on November 16 from 10-11 am. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about plants. We have done this as a field trip before, and it was one of our favorite local ones!

Would you like a little bit extra? Each week my family enjoys reading books, doing activities, and watching YouTube video clips related to our new grammar. Memorizing the CC grammar is completely sufficient, but if you’d like to add a bit more, here is what my family has enjoyed reading, doing, & watching related to the science sentence: Science Morning Basket & Activities: Seed Plants.

This week I will be praying for each of your children. My prayer is that through our time at CC, God will cultivate in them the ability to “show true humility toward all.” (Titus 3:2)

Please let me know if there are any specific prayer needs I can join you in praying for. I am here to serve you in any way that I can.

Making seed mosaics was one of the activities we did this week while learning about seed plants from the above link:  Science Morning Basket & Activities: Seed Plants.
Making seed mosaics was one of the activities we did this week while learning about seed plants from the above link: Science Morning Basket & Activities: Seed Plants.

Looking for all my CC Lessons for Cycle 1?

© 2018 Shannon


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    • iijuan12 profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Florida

      Thank you so much! Yes, I'm planning on eventually uploading lessons for all 24 weeks.

    • profile image

      Teresa McElroy 

      2 years ago

      I am so excited about your ideas! I just found you, and it is already week 8! Will you have other lesson plans after 9? I would love to follow you! Thanks for all of your diligent work and your willingness to share!


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