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CC Cycle 2 Week 24 Lesson for Abecedarian Tutors

Updated on August 24, 2019
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Former abecedarian CC tutor (iijuan12), former history teacher, & currently a Christian homeschooling mama of 9 blessings

Classical Conversations CC Cycle 2 Week 24 Lesson for Abecedarians
Classical Conversations CC Cycle 2 Week 24 Lesson for Abecedarians

This is the plan I used while tutoring a Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 24 abecederian class. I have included all the subjects including new grammar, fine arts, presentations, science experiments, and review game. I also added my weekly parent email. This is not an official tutor plan. It's simply what I did. I'm sharing it so other tutors can use it as a springboard from which to plan your own lessons that are tailored to best meet the needs of your own class.

New Grammar

9:30 – 10:00 am


Class set of trivium maps, dry erase markers, and small pieces of paper towels will already be at each seat.)

-Have the children use their dry erase markers to quickly trace around the borders of the continents and then erase them. (Be sure to emphasize that they should focus on the basic shapes, not the details.)
-Have the children put the caps on their markers and lay them down.
• Point out the locations on my map one by one. (I say, “Eyes and pointer fingers up” each time before I introduce the next location.) Each time have the children find the location on their maps using their fingers. They say the location, and I confirm, “Yes, that is…”. Repeat.
• Show me/Tell me the locations using a dry erase marker.
-Show me where [location] is. Put a dot on it. [Repeat this for each location.]
-Put the caps back on the markers, but don’t erase anything yet!
• Go through the locations with me while erasing locations one by one using the piece of paper towel. (Do them out of order.)
***Parent Helper: Collect markers and maps and return to tutor bag. Throw away paper towel pieces.***

(*At home we’ll be learning the locations using the songs & hand motions by CCHappyMom.)


  • Point to the Presidents on the Timeline cards as we sing along with the Presidents song (the tune from the CD) while pointing to their pictures on the paper that shows each of their pictures and names from CCC. Repeat 2 more times. (My director told me we didn’t need to repeat this 7 times.)


  • I sing through with the motions with the children listen.
  • Children sing & do motions with me.
  • Play Latin Duck, Duck, Goose - Instead of saying, "," the child says the memory work while tapping (ero, eris, erit, …). On the last word (-erint), the child that is tapped gets up and chases the tapper. *I counted ahead so that each time a different child got a turn being the goose. After the two children have run around, I tell the tapper, “Start with [child’s name].”


  • Chant the science sentence while the children listen.
  • Allow children to each roll the silly voice die & chant using that silly voice: Squeaky mouse voice, gorilla (beat chest), fish (flip lower lip with index finger), stick out your tongue and say it, butterfly whisper voice, & soldier voice.


  • Children listen while I chant using the rhythm from Missy Wilson, posted below.
  • Clap/Slap: Have children say repeat it in a rhythm while repeatedly clapping their hands and slapping their thighs. Repeat 5 more times.


(Ahead of time underline 8 words on the board.)

  • Sing the history sentence while children listen.
  • Allow each child to have a chance erasing an underlined word from the board. Sing it together after each time.


  • I sing tune of The Wheels on the Bus while the children listen.

The wheels on the bus - The Identity Law
go round and round - for addition states
round and round - a plus zero
round and round - equals a.
The wheels on the bus - The Identity Law
go round and round - for multiplication states
all through the town - a times one equals a.

  • Sing while standing one left leg, right leg, squatting, marching, & standing on chair (or spinning in a circle).

Fine Arts

10:00-10:30 am

Follow the directions of your director. As a community play Mary Had a Little Lamb and sing The Orchestra Song together. (If you have time, practice together as a class first.)


10:30-11:00 am


  • Have children collect presentation items from the basket/table.
  • Remind that when someone else is talking, children should: Stop, Look, Listen.
  • Remind about presentations: Today’s focus will be: Everything: Good posture, volume, eye contact, & smiles. What is today’s focus? [Remember to raise your hand to answer.]
  • Each child gets 1 question token (a foam rectangle with their name written on it).
  • Have children go in alphabetical order. (Will rotate each week.)
  • Return presentation items to backpacks.

Bathroom Break & Snack Time

Pray. Bathroom break. Get snacks from snack basket and have snack while listening to memory work CD.

*While children are having their snack time, my parent helper and I set up each of the Review Game stations.

Science Activity

11:00-11:30 am

(We actually switched times and did this together after the review time.)

Testing out the egg protectors
Testing out the egg protectors

Follow the directions of your director in order to test out the airplanes, straw bridges, towers, catapults, & egg protectors. We actually did this together as a community after review time so that everyone could do it together and so that we could go over time a bit. One of the tutors arranged for the fire department to assist in the egg drop contest. Including the fire department is definitely not necessary, but it made for a fun, memorable event to end the year!


11:30 am – 12 pm

  • Geography Fast Review: Hand out maps to each child. Divide up children among you & the helping moms so that you are able to each check specific child and what they are pointing at. Call out the geography locations from weeks 18-24. Have children tell me or show me locations using their fingers.
  • Minute to Win It Challenges: On one set of cards I wrote out the subjects (one has Latin, one has Math, etc.) On one sets of cards I wrote the numbers 18-24. Child # 1 will pick a subject. Each of the children will pick a number card. Review that subject. Each child will recite the memory work for the week they selected. Collect the cards. Then do one of the challenges. Then allow Child #2 to pick a subject. Each child will recite memory work for a different week. Do the next challenge. Continue until you finish or you run out of time.
  • Balloon Juggle: See who can keep a balloon from touching the ground for one minute – without hold it and without touching it with their hands.
  • Cookie Face: See who can get an Oreo cookie from their face to their mouth without touching it with their hands.
  • Penny Stack: Try to stack 25 pennies with one hand.
  • Shoe Kick: See who can kick their shoe closest to a spot marked on the table.
  • Feather Breath: See who can keep a feather in the air the longest using only their breath.
  • Cup Stacking: Try to stack 10 cups.
  • Skittle Straw Suck: Use a straw to transfer 5 skittles from one plate to another plate.
  • End of Year Gifts: I did pass out summer fun gift bags to each child with a few non-candy treats (granola bar, fruit leather, & juice box), a few toys (bubbles, balloon, sidewalk chalk, & stickers), and a printed picture of them from the first day of class. Some tutors waited to pass these types of bags out during the end of the year ceremony. It might be a good idea to discuss with the other tutors what they are doing so that you all pass out gift bags on the same day (if you plan to do that).

Abecedarian Applause Week 24

(my weekly parent email)

Today was bittersweet! I am going to miss getting to see you all every Thursday! I will cherish the time we have spent in community together! Hopefully we will have numerous opportunities to get together over the summer!

I am looking forward to celebrating with you at the Presentation event next Thursday night! Everyone will have an opportunity to recite the history sentence they selected, so make sure to have your child practice their sentence a few times before next Thursday.

Would you like a little bit extra? Each week my family enjoys reading books, doing activities, and watching YouTube video clips related to our new grammar. Memorizing the CC grammar is completely sufficient, but if you’d like to add a bit more, here is what my family has enjoyed reading, doing, & watching related to the science sentence: Science Morning Basket & Activities: Electricity.

Playing with static electricity was one of the activities we did while learning about the electricity during our Science Morning Basket & Activities time.
Playing with static electricity was one of the activities we did while learning about the electricity during our Science Morning Basket & Activities time.

© 2019 Shannon


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