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Choosing a Sorority or Fraternity

Updated on February 19, 2016
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Sigma Kappa
Sigma Kappa

Is Greek Right for You?

Whether or not to pledge into the Greek system on campus is a very personal decision and one that can only be made after several critical questions have been addressed. Pledging a fraternity or sorority can greatly enhance one's social life on campus and potentially offer added employment opportunities following graduation. But choosing the right house is critical. For every positive Greek house there is another that is mired scandal with accusations of hazing, binge drinking and sexual misconduct. Doing one's homework before deciding whether or not to pledge is a sage piece of advice. The following is a checklist of items to consider before making this important decision.

Greek Checklist

Are you a legacy? (A legacy is a student whose parent was a member of the same fraternity or sorority). Does the university you are considering have a chapter of that sorority or fraternity? If so, they are required by charter to give you preferential consideration. While it does not necessarily guarantee a bid, a bid is highly likely.

What are the sorority or fraternity's philanthropic foci? Nearly every Greek house will have a least one. Are they active in their support of this philanthropy? Does this philanthropy align or conflict with your personal belief system?

Are there any famous alum that were members? If so, who? What are they famous for? Do they still support their alma mater and their Greek house?

What is the house's policy on hazing? Have their been past incidents of hazing? If so, what were those allegations and how were they handled?

How long has the house existed on this campus? What is their reputation? Have they ever been or are they now on probation? If so, for what?

Do members live in separate houses or are they integrated into the dormitories on campus? Request a tour of the Greek houses or dormitories. Do they seem to take pride in their house? Is it clean and in good repair?

What is the size of the anticipated pledge class? How many students live in the house at one time?

Are upperclassmen allowed or encouraged to live off campus?

How are meals prepared? Are special diets able to be accommodated? Are you required to eat in the house for a specified number of meals per week? Are you allowed to opt out of their meal plan?

What is the average GPA of the house? This is important in helping gauge the academic standards of the chapter.

What is the reputation of the chapter? Do they party too much? Are they respectful of others? Are they academically successful? Do they have a lot of student athletes?

What is the national reputation of the chapter? If there have been negative associations, how have those been handled?

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    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 2 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Jaynie, great tips for those potential high school graduates who would go to college this fall. Voted up for useful!