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CLEP Practice Test Tips You Can Use For the CLEP Exams

Updated on June 23, 2015

Taking a CLEP practice test is one of the things you can do to prepare for a CLEP test. There are many different tests covering college-level course subjects. Passing one or more of the tests can help you earn college credit for knowledge you already have. Here are some useful CLEP exam tips.

  • Once you are in the testing center, take a deep breath and relax. Most of the questions will be multiple choice. So, you can use strategies like ruling out answers that are obviously incorrect. Units, for example, can be a clear indication of an incorrect answer. If the answer calls for a unit of time, such as a second, and one of the choices is a unit of weight, such as pounds, you can rule that choice out. Process of elimination sometimes works well.

  • Of course, not all of the questions can be answered by ruling out obvious inconsistencies. You will need to rely on your knowledge in most cases. When you read a question and the answer pops into your head, rely on that first thought. Your first answer is typically the right one. You just need to find an answer that is similar to your first thought.

  • You should avoid cramming for the test the night before. Get a good night’s sleep. Get up well in advance of the scheduled test and eat a healthy meal. You don’t want to be hungry or tired as you are answering questions. You should study and prepare for the test in the weeks leading up to it. This is where study guides come in handy.


Why CLEP Study Guides Are Recommended

CLEP study guides are recommended even for students who feel they have ample knowledge in the subject matter. One of the reasons for the recommendation has to do with the test design. Study guides and practice tests include questions that are very similar to those that will be on the actual test.

Answered questions that are written in a similar style or design helps you prepare for the test. Instead of being surprised by the kinds of questions that are asked, you will be ready when you sit down in the testing center. Being surprised can increase your stress level, making it difficult to recall the material you know.

Study guides are particularly helpful for CLEP tests covering “broad” subjects. Biology, for example, is a broad subject. Millions of different questions could be asked on this type of exam. The makers of the study guides and practice tests are familiar with the questions that are asked “most often”. This helps you make sure that you are studying the right thing.


Studying for a CLEP Test and Passing It Stress Free

Studying for a CLEP test will take some time. You have to be willing to devote the time to study. Depending on how much time you have, you may want to devote at least an hour per day to the subject. Some of the guides include recommended schedules. Students are usually advised to study for at least a month prior to taking the exam.

These are not common knowledge tests. They are meant to be a comprehensive evaluation of the student’s knowledge of a specific college subject, such as information systems, marketing principles and foreign languages.

Practice tests are available for all of these subjects. Taking a test before you start to study can give you an idea of what you need to review over the weeks leading up to the test.

CLEP stands for “college level examination program”. You should be prepared for a college-level exam before you step inside the testing center. Nearly 3000 colleges and universities grant college credits to students who pass the CLEP tests. Passing one or more of the tests can save you time and also money.

The tests are currently $80 or $90 each depending on the subject. That is a fraction of the per-credit-hour tuition charged by most colleges and universities. If you happen to be in the military, you can take the tests for free. Passing a single CLEP practice test could earn you as many as 12 credit hours. Even with the additional cost of a study guide and practice test, you will still save money and the guides will help to ensure that you do pass the tests.


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