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Updated on February 25, 2015

Cultism means a secret activity recoiling around a body of beliefs or ideals, sometimes religious in nature, but specifically accompanied by mystical feelings expressed in rites and ceremonies. The cult members are an exclusive group who come together under an oath or vow to protect and help themselves within the community they live in. their behaviours are opposed to those of other acceptable groups in the society.

Some of the parents initiate their children or their neigbours’ children or even a child not known to them. This can be a non-relation or a non-family member. Some students due to their family background, feelings of pressure from super natural powers join the cult. Also, students from broken homes or if they have a single parent are more likely to join the cult than those who have both parents. This is because parental authority is lacking in broken homes. This children start to join cultism and from there, they start to initiate other students by showing them money which is being given to them by their own members. They try to make sure that they convince other students to join cultism. They blackmail teachers in order to pass examinations.

Some poor students find themselves in it without their knowledge. It may be through a teacher or friend giving you a gift such as chocolates, sweets and even money. Such students will just wake up one day and find himself in cultism and from there, he will start regretting why he has collected such gifts from people. If such student tries to expose them, the members will punish or even kill him. Teachers initiate students especially if a student is beautiful or brilliant. The teacher calls the student by assigning special duties to him. The teacher also tries to get rid of boyfriends, if they are sharing the same girls.

The lesson here is that students should be very careful and also behave decently and study hard to achieve success through the right means. Students should also be careful of what kind of gifts to collect because you can trust a person to the core, but at the end of the day, he will disappoint you. Students should be very careful with the type of friends they walk with. My appeal to the government is that it should set up an organization that will fight against cultism in schools. There should be adequate security in our homes and schools.

In conclusion, there is a students’ law which states that “hardworking is directly proportionate to success, provided prayer remains constant” My dear students, let’s be careful in whatever we do in our community, in school and at home.


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