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Calendar Design History

Updated on April 6, 2014

Calendar History

Definition from Websters dictionary kal-en-der An orderly arrangement to measure the division of time adapted to the purpose of civil life, as years. months, weeks and days, also a register of the year with its division.Calendar systems were developed in early civilizations to determine the measurement of time. The first calendar similar to the Gregorian calendar was introduced in the late 13th century.

The Common Western Calendar System

The 365 days a year Gregorian calender (aka) Western calender was introduced February 24, 1582 is an orderly arrangement system and, one of the most common things in place unchanged for centuries. The diffrent artwork and design of the calenders, well you just never can tell!

Farmers Almanac

Americas Original Farmers Almanac Calendar was first published in 1818. The Farmers Almanac calender has thousands of bits of information to advise farmers about the best days for planting and gardening. The days are marked with bits of helpful information as to best days to go fishing, weather forecast, full moon dates and the zodiac, according to the Farmers Almanac 200 year old formula. This formula must be fairly accurate because the Farmers Almanac has been in publication for 135 years.

Pinup Girl Calendars

Pinup Girl Calendars were mass produced in the 1940's and 50's. The WWll and Korean war soldiers were away from home for long periods of time. The pinup girl calendars were produced for the lonely homesick soldiers. The soldiers were reminded of what they were fighting for back home by the images of the pinup calender girls. Some of these type calendars date back to the 1930.s. Original pinup girl calendars by the famous artist and photographer Gil Elvgrin are valuable collectibles. Collectors bid $1,000 and higher on some of the original vintage works by Gil Elvgren.


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      Great Article.

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      interesting article idea! fun read

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