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National Conference of Filipino Canadians Calls for Just and Genuine Settlement and Integration

Updated on April 25, 2010

On Apil 30, May 1st and 2nd, 2010 Filipino Canadians will, once again, galvanize their unity in a national conference called “Counterspin towards a just and genuine settlement and integration.” In a statement, organizers said the conference is the product of the strengthening unity among the progressive national organizations of Filipino Canadians. The group aims to continue its work in uniting workers, women and youth. The conference will highlight the new phase in the group’s combined initiative in educating, organizing and mobilizing work in the Filipino Canadian community.

For over six decades, organized groups of Filipino Canadians have struggled to settle and integrate in order to achieve full participation and entitlement in Canadian society. Three community centres working together, namely Kapit Bisig (“link arms”) in Montreal, Magkaisa (“unite”) in Toronto and Kalayaan (“freedom”) in Vancouver, have been in the forefront of these struggles. And once more, they continue to “ link arms and unite in freedom” to make this coming Counterspin conference possible.

This national conference “will bring forward the community struggle for a just and genuine settlement and integration," organizers said in a statement. "It will declare our ongoing commitment to continue our legacy of resistance as progressive Filipino Canadians.” The National Conference is also a product of the 3-day national conference Making the Filipino Community Count in Canada held at the University of Toronto in November 2008.

This year’s Conference will be held on April 30, May 1 & 2, 2010 at the Jewish General Hospital Amphitheatre Institute of Community and Family Psychiatry (3755 Chemin de la Cote Sainte Catherine, Montreal). “This landmark conference will be a monumental event in the history of the Filipino Canadian community, as we pave the way to cultivate and nurture the new path for genuine settlement and integration."

Building on the years of educating, organizing and mobilizing work of the Kapit Bisig Centre in Montreal, the Magkaisa Centre in Toronto and the Kalayaan Centre in Vancouver, “progressive Filipino Canadians embrace this new era in our struggle with an affirmation to strengthen its unity towards the Filipino Canadian community’s advancement and development.”

“As we march forward in reclaiming our rightful place in a multicultural and multi-ethnic Canada, we call on all progressive Filipino Canadians to link arms and raise fists with progressive members of the community at this historic event." The conference aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To deepen understanding of our history and current situation as Filipino Canadians
  2. To deepen understanding of the Canadian state and society and their role in helping shape our community’s reality
  3. To develop action plans toward just and genuine settlement, and integration in order to achieve full participation and entitlement.

“As we forge unity towards our community’s advancement and development, Counterspin National Conference is another milestone in reclaiming our rightful place in a multicultural and multi-ethnic Canada. Your participation and involvement during this conference will be a testament that we, as a community, are committed in overcoming economic marginalization, combating systemic racism and social exclusion, enhancing women's equality and human rights and making the youth count.”

Registration fee is $25.00. To register or for more information about the Counterspin conference, please contact the conference secretariat or use our online registration form at

In Montreal: Kapit Bisig Centre; 514-678-3901

In Toronto: Magkaisa Centre;; 416-519-2553

In Vancouver: Kalayaan Centre; 604-215-1103



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