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Calvert Virtual School

Updated on July 13, 2011

What is Calvert Homeschooling

Calvert virtual school has been around for over 100 years. It is given high praise by parents and children. It is a one of a kind online school for grades Kindergarten through eighth grade. It has not always been available online, it used to be only available through a workbook and textbook curriculum. What is unique about Calvert is that it not only just provides a curriculum for your children but it offers parents a ton of resources to help parents become the absolute best teacher they can be.

Some of these five star resources are unlimited access to master level instructors that will help you out with any question or problem you may have. You get step by step manuals that walk you through every step of the learning process. You even have full access to computer technicians to help you out with any sort of computer issue you may have. Calvert goes above and beyond just teaching children.

The Cost of Calvert Charter School

The cost of Calvert's virtual school starts around $750 and goes up to about $1,500 per school year depending upon the school year. They do offer a six month payment plan and there is also an enrollment fee.


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