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Relish to study in Cambridge the great

Updated on March 14, 2009


The University of Cambridge, located in the Cambridge city of GreatBritain, is one of the top ten universities of the world. Two scholars laid the foundation of Cambridge Educational Institute in twelfth century. Already there was a school at that place. With the passage of time, in about 1209 the Cambridge was recognized as a university. The Charter of King Hennery, which came in 1213, further glorified it. Today it the best university, not only of Great Britain, but of the world and every student cherish to study here.


Why it is so important?


It would be prestigious to study in a university that is associated with the most Nobel Prize winners. You can study every subject here but it is renowned for the studies of science-technology and enterprise. From the times of Newton, the university has maintained its prestige in the field of Mathematics. Mathematics is a compulsory subject for graduation in any subject. The alumni list of this university includes the great scientists such as James Clark Maxwell, Lord Kelvin etc. This university has a significant contribution towards world science that can not be forgotten. In fact, this is the university the changed the look of science such as the inventions of Hydrogen, Electron, Laws of motion and Natural selection of Charles Darwin.




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