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Camden State Park Minnesota May 18, 2016

Updated on May 18, 2016

Lunar Phase

Moon Rise: 5:40 PM

Moon Overhead: 11:24 PM

Moon Underfoot: 11:10 AM

Moon Set: 4:35 AM

Moon Phase: 86% Waxing

Moon Distance: 405, 910 Pulling away from the Earth (from Perigee to Apogee)

Sun Rise: 5:52 AM

Sun Transit: 1:19 PM

Sun Set: 8:46 PM

Camden State Park is along the Redwood River in southwest Minnesota.

It is a ~24 acre park.

The nearest town is Lynd, Minnesota and the nearest city is Marshall, Minnesota.

The park was established in 1934.

It is located in Lyon County, Minnesota.

Faith and I went on a walk today. The sun was out and it was a beautiful day. Little clouds and a high of around 70 degrees with a light breeze. My camera ran out of battery right when we reached the scenic overlook. Perfect. We did not capture footage of the Rose Breasted Grosbeak, which is what we set out for since they are migrating through. We saw a Baltimore Oriole, Scarlet Tanager, Northern Cardinal and many other birds. It was great.


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