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Cameron's Plan To Bulldoze And Overhaul Post War Council Estates.

Updated on January 15, 2016
An Arrogant David Cameron.
An Arrogant David Cameron. | Source
Typical Council Estate In The UK.
Typical Council Estate In The UK. | Source
Jeremy Corbyn Or 'Jezza' Clashed With David Cameron Over His Plans For Council Housing and Their Occupiers.
Jeremy Corbyn Or 'Jezza' Clashed With David Cameron Over His Plans For Council Housing and Their Occupiers. | Source

Is Cameron's Plan Well Thought Out Or Just An Idea Plucked From The Air?

When many of the post war housing was built whether it be houses or high rise flats these estates were supposed to be providing a home for all British people regardless of their income or background.

But over the years many of these estates have become breeding grounds for crime and poverty thus it seems even if your a decent person who works whether paid or voluntary or you go college or university your stereotyped because you do not own your house which is something of a status symbol in the UK. If you happen to find yourself on benefits through no fault of your own and happen to live on a council estate you are considered the lowest of the low in this society now which to me is completely wrong and just scapegoating those who cannot help themselves and find themselves in situations they cannot control sometimes through no fault of their own.

To tackle these post war council estates also known as social housing David Cameron has identified 100 estates that should be demolished or overhauled and has said there will be a pot of £140 million to help to do this and also help those who live on these so called 'sink estates'.

Jeremy Corbyn known as 'Jezza' in the British media clashed with David Cameron at PM Qs (Prime Ministers Questions) saying this plan had not been thought out and where was the £140 million coming from. Also would those renting their properties from the local authority or those that had bought their council houses on these estates really be helped.

Margaret Thatcher in her tenure as PM encouraged people to buy their council houses called 'A Right To Buy Scheme' and David Cameron has revived this and thats all well and good but since Mrs Thatcher encouraged tenants to buy their houses not enough council houses or even houses of any kind be they association or private have been built to meet the demand today.

Today the situation is that the government realizes more houses are going to have to be built as the UK's population is increasing a lot of it due to mass immigration into the country which despite the government saying they were trying to get to grips with it and meet their targets to bring it down they failed miserably in recent years.

Many native British people who are waiting to be housed by their local authority are very resentful towards foreigners who get housed before them and while it is probably not the foreign families fault if they are housed before native Brits it is how the points system sometimes works when you are waiting for council housing it is easy to understand why native Brits are angry over this. Also council housing and housing associations are more in demand than ever as their rents are cheaper than in the private sector as landlords in the private sector can charge their tenants what they want and while it has been suggested that a cap should be put on those landlords who overcharge their tenants this is falling on deaf ears when it comes to this government and would such a practice of capping rents in the private sector even work as it may have a knock on affect else where it has been suggested.

On one hand the Cameron government says it would like all British citizens regardless of background to own their houses ideally and again in the ideal world that sounds wonderful a property owning democracy but one gets the feeling that the Conservative party is anti anyone renting their homes particularly when it comes to social housing and the kind of people who mostly make up the kind of people who rent their homes from the local authority or housing associations.

Mean while some council estates have tried to get listed because their architecture is from a certain era and designed by top architects of that era but many have failed to get this historical significance recognised in the vain hope their estate would not be knocked down and their residents not forced to move if they gained this status and in the case of the Robin Hood Gardens Estate in London the local MP called for it to be brought down asap.

It seems there is no stopping this government in their smash and grab one size fits all mentality for the British people of a certain class or financial background.


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