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Retrieval of Cami

Updated on May 5, 2011

Retrieval of Cami

This retrieval suited me to a T. As a mother of twin girls, I had gone through the trials and tribulations of that particular adolescence period known as "the teens."

I had often sat quietly in the background listening to girl talk, and to the teenage girls which came through my doors to visit with my own girls. I was soon to gain the reputation as "the cool mom."

I loved their animated way of just being girlish and to me, none of them could do any wrong. I know I was the lenient type of mom, but they were like young, frisky pups to me and I enjoyed watching them play with life, to try and get boyfriends, be pretty, getting bad grades or good ones, and I liked seeing the boyfriends too, and the way they looked at my girls was never a threat to me as no matter what a teenage girl looks like, she's got a glow about her around age 16 which warns the world, another woman is about ready to made her entrance into the world and learn what it means to be a woman.

I had already accomplished the very real retrieval of the boy in the alley and there I learned of the important peer type of camaraderie that is so important to youngsters, as the boy had tried over and over again to rejoin his peers, and I saw he had no love in his home life, but with his peers, even though they broke the law the last night of his life, they had amongst themselves this honor of thieves camaraderie, which is the closest thing to love the boy had known, so that upon death, he kept trying to get back to the only love he had known among his peers.

I could read his mind, as retriever. With Cami, the only love she had known was with her aunt. Her parents for whatever reason were not in the picture at all and so I could surmise there had been no significant bonding with parents, which would have been like a signal to follow, had there been a bonding there. However, I may be wrong, and Cami was only caught up in the immediate situation of her departure from this physical life, of a mere 16 years duration.

I remember doing retrievals where very little emotion was experienced and these kind which occurred in my waking consciousness did not seem as real as those which occurred while I was in delta state and the body/brain asleep, like it was with the boy in the alley, where I had been woken from sleep, yet my body stayed in bed and made no protest that I left it there on the bed while I took off for vistas unknown.

And so it was one day I sat and thought about whether some of my retrievals were real, or simply fabricated. I knew the boy in the alley was real. I don't know how I knew. I never questioned it. The others I performed several decades later, I did question.

What I couldn't quite conceive of was this training period of doing retrievals I was undergoing where the question of whether they are real is quite normal to ask, as no one wants to fool themselves into thinking something that is just not true.

And so I asked Spirit over a period of time, I more or less yearned after answers which would put the doubt to rest, or point me in the direction of truth. One day I was being prodded to try a meditation exercise where I could try and sense my energy body and move it out to the top of the world. I felt really silly doing it but I started to enjoy what I was experiencing.

Once I got out to the top of the world I wondered what to do there! Couldn't think of anything, so I decided to just hug the world. It started to feel like I really was hugging the world. I felt some love and started giggling like a schoolgirl myself.

Towards evening I became tired and thought I'd lie down for awhile. Each step that I took up the stairs I became even more tired like I'd been plowing 20 acres instead of laying on the couch floating over the Earth. I literally fell on the bed without climbing into it. I remember the sensation of falling was the same as the sensation of rising. My two bodies separated. My energy body was standing at the foot of the bed, while my physical body was in almost a coma like condition of a deep and swift sleep.

I knew something was about to happen and it was due to the afternoon meditation where I had primed up this energy body without really knowing how I had done that. I also felt like there were several others in the room with me that day I did the energy gathering exercise.

I also felt the same impending excitement I'd felt when the lady guide had taken me to the boy in the alley. Now this lady guide I don't know if she was the same one and perhaps I may never know, but clearly, another opportunity to test my retrieval skills was at hand.

We had actual conversation, but it seemed we were talking underwater. Still I understood. She asked where I wanted to go. I was hoping she'd tell me where I wanted to go, however it seemed I could go anywhere in the world and she would be delivering me.

Quickly before she somehow disappeared I said I'd like to do a retrieval if I may. She said certainly, follow me. Before we jumped on that by now familiar escalator in the sky, that current of black flowing movement which was like a river flowing, I asked for one more thing from her; I asked if it could be made "real" to me this time.

She studied me for a nanosecond before asking in turn what I considered real versus unreal.

I fumbled a bit with my thoughts before answering that I would like to have more of my sensory apparatus functional within the experience. I did not mention shape shifting as I'd never even thought of shape shifting or that I had the capacity for that. I simply wanted to see, hear, and touch as my primary senses. Smelling and tasting did not seem important at this time, although some flyers do utilize these other two senses. Much later I did smell in a ESP sort of way.

She understood what I wanted and we were off so quickly I didn't notice any scenery whatsoever until arrival at Cami's local hangout place. I was at some sort of school or college facility, in the rec room upstairs. I sensed a basketball court or large exercise room on one side, and on the other a place for relaxing on an old beat up leather couch and other odd furniture.

No body was in there when I arrived. I either glided or walked into the room and turned and faced the doorway. In short order I saw a young girl with brown wavy hair to her shoulders enter, head cast down in moping demeanor. She was very pretty. Far too young and too pretty to be moping about I thought.

She moved to seat herself on the couch. Still there was just us two in there. She didn't see me standing and looking at her intently. I wondered how to approach her for I needed to know why she was so sad and if I could help.

Suddenly I felt this feeling that I had often felt with my own two daughters; an adoration and joyful feeling from just being with them. I seemed to leap through the air, all reticence disappearing as I fell at her feet and gazed into her eyes.

Hi there! I may have said this, or my energy said it. She smiled! I had gotten a smile quite easily, thus I had her attention. Getting the attention is most important during a retrieval, as if you have their attention, they are focused on you, not their problem.

The next thing that happened is getting patted on the head. I wondered then if I appeared to be a large over friendly dog type of being, as only these animal can display such unconditional love and joy just to be in the presence of a human.

The pat on the head told me I could quite possibly be shape shifting but I didn't have much time to think about this feat except that I was at her feet, rather than sitting on the couch, and I had bounded up to her as an energetic creature. Also I had been wondering how to approach her and break into her depression and make her notice me.

I asked her by nonverbal means (NVC) what her name was. The surprise was that she answered me. She said Cami. I struggled with the odd name. I had never met a Cami, it sounded foreign. I had to be correct as I knew I would need to remember this meeting when I got back home.

So I asked her to spell it. She repeated the name and spelled it for me as if talking to a very dumb dog but still smiling and it seemed, fondling my ear.

She seemed to be wondering who I belonged to and I began to think of family ties. I needed to get her talking about herself and keep her out of the doldrums.

I mentioned I had a rather small family myself and what about her? There was a brief moment where she considered family ties. Suddenly her eyes lit up as she exclaimed "I have an aunt!"

I then saw images of Cami going to live with her aunt recently, although, I admit at 16 years of age, all of her years could be considered "recent."

In this case it seemed she hadn't been with the aunt long enough to sufficiently build the relationship where it might have gone. At first I saw the aunt being very affectionate and loving towards Cami. Then the aunt's boyfriend came into the scene and it appears the BF had the hots for Cami, much to the dismay of the aunt, and jealousy was at the core of something tragic that had happened to Cami, who was now dead. It looked like a murder, but I did not sense the aunt as part of the set up, yet I sensed an alienation of affections had occurred and that Cami had not been in love with the man, and it could have been a rape then as Cami truly loved her aunt but simply could not face what had just come down the pike.

Sometimes during our dialogue I had been sitting very close to Cami's legs when some part of me touched her leg while leaning to answer her. It was solid flesh! It was warm also. I stopped to consider this and was almost shocked in the realness of her presence; then I recalled I had wanted more than just sight and sound, now I had experienced touch.

The sight was dim. It seemed a shadow land all in all, yet I could make out that she had a pretty face, and I saw certain objects ok. Hearing was like mental telepathy along with visual type word pictures, like instead of her saying there was a man...I was seeing a man walk into the house she had lived in. My energy body, to say my emotional body was what I was also looking at during this experience, as it explained to me who I was on the inside, yet in order to assist her I couldn't think about myself for too long, or I would lose her.

Just then about half a dozen coeds came bursting into the gym next door. A tall girl stood watching us intently while all the other girls talked animatedly and discussed cheerleading techniques. The tall girl was clearly the leader.

Cami was not aware of the girls. Cami's eyes began to get larger as she struggled with a buried memory. I found it was the appropriate place for me to transfer her attention to the girls to the right side of us. I felt she knew them. From her life, and the same town.

Spirit was right on time. The tall girl hollered out CAMI! I turned my head towards the commotion and with the turn of the head Cami followed my lead to at once become aware these others were here. Her pals. Cami slowly got up and moved into the center of the group while I watched with bated breath. I surely didn't want to be the cause of her remembering traumatic circumstances before she was ready!

The girls surrounded her with laughter and talk, as girls will do and I felt I could leave her now in able hands. The tall one was able to take Cami from here. Cami was unstuck from that place of limbo. That's all I knew.

I wandered into the hallways still thinking of Cami. Like the boy in the alley, Cami was real, and I would actually always remember her with fondness for many years and after telling my story over and over.

I met 3 male guides who proceeded to explain that Cami had been there quite awhile and none had been able to get her attention. She had been like a little ghost then.

I was happy to hear I was successful in retrieving her where they had tried and failed. And they were also very happy. I then asked what town I was in. I got the name Langford or Langsford, South Dakota. I awoke and did indeed find there was such a town with a college nearby in Langford, SD. I did not know the year of her death and could find no records on a Cami, and I have never traveled through SD.

She could have been listed as just another missing person on a milk carton for all I know and I'm convinced beyond a doubt that she was once alive in a physical way and that she is ok now and in a better place than she was before the retrieval. The gentlemen proceeded to then give me some personal information about my future which did come true. When I awoke in the morning, I awoke rested however it seemed to me I had just laid down on the bed for a few minutes, and already the sun was up. I had been "out" for around 8 hours doing this retrieval and talking with the guides.

I was amazed and went straightway to tell my retriever pals on a conversation board all the details of this amazing (to me) retrieval.

I think the most amazing part was feeling so much love for Cami. I felt like a mother even though I might have just been a large friendly dog to her, if it works, it works! I began to trust more that I was a genuine retriever but I would probably always be learning bigger and better tricks of getting their attention and holding it long enough for assistants to arrive.


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    • LaughingRain profile imageAUTHOR

      Alysia McAlister 

      9 years ago from Arizona

      thanks for reading. I still remember that period of doubting it was real, so I got the idea from you recalling the same thing. we started doing retrievals both of us around 2000. I thought that was interesting.

      blessings, LR

    • Touching Souls profile image

      Touching Souls 

      9 years ago from Universe

      Great retrieval Alysia.


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