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Guitar: Can It Help You Cope With Bullying?

Updated on December 9, 2017
Zachary Adkins profile image

National Guitar Competition winner, with over 15 years of playing and/or teaching experience. I know all the ins and outs of the guitar!

Bullying....How can guitars help?

Can playing guitar help you cope with Bullying?

The Simple Answer is....YES!

In this article, we are by no means saying that Guitar is a complete substitute for the Negative Effects of Bullying. There is so many amazing products and services out there for parents that can help them explain the effects of bullying. Also, teach us that being compassionate and understanding of people's differences is important!

However, is it difficult to believe that music (and the guitar especially) has the ability to help us, whether you are young or old, cope with being bullied, by providing us with an amazing healthy outlet?

Of course playing guitar, or music in general, can help people cope with bullying. There is a long and somewhat complicated answer that follows, but once you hear the "why's" and "how's" of it, you will be singing a different tune!

First Thing is First.... Let's Discuss Bullying

  • In 2005 the federal government began collecting data on school bullying. It was a serious enough situation for the Government to decided to take action!
  • Students that experience bullying are at risk of: sleep difficulty, anxiety and depression
  • Students who experience bullying are twice as likely to experience negative health effects

Bullying at any age is unacceptable...but younger children have a difficult time knowing how to Cope

1 in Every 4 Children are Bullied...

Also, 40% of all teenagers with internet access have reported being bullied on line during the past year

Bullying and Suicide...

Being bullied is a very painful experience for young people. There is something to say about children who have to live their whole lives suffering internally with the effects of bullying. The worst scenario that can come from bullying is Suicide

  • There is a very strong connection between bullying and suicidal behaviors.
  • A recent study hound that bullied students are 2.6 times more likely to attempt suicide than students not being bullies
  • Deaths by suicide are roughly 4,400 per year

No one is you, and that is your power

— Dave Grohl

Let's hear from you...

Have you ever been a victim of bullying?

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So...Where does Guitar come into play?

This is not a list of specific reasons why you should play the guitar..this is a guide to help people understand that Guitar can be an amazing tool that can help bring you closer to healing in your venture of coping with buillying

All of these statistics about bullying are eye opening and really add a dark tone. The real question that is on all of our minds is:

  • "What can we do about this?"
  • "Can music or guitars really help me or my kid cope with bullying?"
  • "How do we get started?"

Guitars can help you make New Friends...

Friends Can Help You Through the Rough Times...

If you are being bullied and you are all alone, it can feel as thought nobody out there cares about you. Maybe you are a shy person who is very introverted, if you pick up a guitar it can help you gain confidence in yourself. This confidence will lead to you finding a group of people that love music and guitar along side of you.

Having friends and sense of belonging is the most important thing you can do if you are trying to cope with bullying. Not only because they can be there to comfort you, but if you find yourself some friends that have your back...maybe they will stand up for you and eliminate the threat of a bully altogether!

This Old Guitar...

Make Guitar your Best Friend...

Ok...Maybe it can be difficult making new friends sometimes. Never stop trying to branch out and find people that share similar interests with you and will have your back no matter what.

But, what happens when you are by yourself in your room. Sometimes it seems like when the lights go down at night and you are in your own thoughts, dwelling takes over. the best therapy for you at times like that are to pick up a guitar and start expressing yourself through music.

My guitar is like my best friend. My guitar can get me through anything. If I can sit down and write an amazing song with my guitar about what’s going on in life, then that’s the greatest therapy for me

— Miley Cyrus

Ok...We might be able to completely stop bullying...but how do we help the victims cope with it?

Kathleen Elle, a young guitarist, wrote a song about empowering victims of bullying rather than completely focusing on how to "eliminate" bullying. This is where her guitar came into play!

This is an amazing young girl who used the power of the guitar and music to spread the message of empowerment. This is so amazing. She chose not to let anyone keep her down and in the process she has inspired so many people to take action. Guitar is POWERFUL!

"I wrote this song because I felt that most bullying prevention campaigns I witnessed at school were solely focused on getting the bullies to stop bullying. I thought there needed to be a message directly to victims to not let bullies get to them"

I want my song to empower victims to wake up every day and have the courage to face anyone who makes fun of them for who they are

— Kathleen Elle

Music Therapy...

Shafer & Silverman did a study on music therapy interventions and reported back to the ARts in Psychotherapy. It was one of the first articles really regarding "Music Therapy."
Some of their conclusions were that music therapy provided:

  • Provided the opportunity of positive reinforcement between the students
  • Gave the students a chance to understand each other and take turns being creative in a non-hostile environment

Shafer and Silverman say that

  • "The goal of these music therapy activities is to apply them to real life situations so the bullies and victims can utilize the learned skills in everyday life. Music therapy may be successful with students involved with bullying because music is accessible and enjoyed by most adolescents. For more information on how music therapy can help you or your child"

Let's Hear From You...

Do you believe that Guitar has the Power to Help People Cope with Bullying?

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© 2017 Zachary Adkins


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