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Can Recycled Water Be the Answer for California?

Updated on June 4, 2015

Water For California

Throughout the world, people today tend to be working to safeguard our natural resources prior to their being used up. Many people right now are taking steps to preserve the earth’s natural resources as well as to demonstrate themselves as decent inhabitants of our world.

Numerous individuals believe that the natural resources do not require protection, however, greater amounts of toxins in rivers, streams as well as lakes creates an awesome threat to life on our planet.

Additionally, thanks to a higher populace, the usage of water has really been increased, significantly. Consequently, it is extremely crucial to safeguard our water assets, as well as maintaining the stability of the environment.

With California drying up because of the worst drought in the history of the state, it is very obvious that the state's environment is no longer stable, so should the State Legislature look into increasing programs to recycle water to help alleviate the lack of it.

The people of the Golden State are inundated regularly with information concerning the state’s significant drought. The Governor of California has called for required limitations on the use of water by twenty five percent to lower California’s consumption of water.

The water disaster is also making the state take a new, much needed as well as a different look at the untapped water resources that are now just discarded, meaning the wastewater people produce every day in their households and also corporations, which, once being used, is treated, then simply released straight into the sea. Couldn’t this valuable water be utilized again prior to being discharged into the ocean?

The answer to the question is yes and many realize that recycling wastewater will level the playing field, especially if the drought continues. The good news is a number of California water firms have been thinking outside of the box about the challenge of recycling wastewater and actually are researching innovative methods to safely and securely make use of community’s wastewater to deal with the state’s drought crisis as well as the state’s water requirements in the future. Here are a few ideas of how to make use of the recycled water.

Now some may be thinking, I’m not sure whether I should or even could drink recycled wastewater, and that is ok because it will not be drinkable, but there are many other ways this recycled water can be used.

  • Construction sites: Recycled water could be utilized for building projects for numerous functions, such as concrete blending not to mention dust management.
  • Landscaping and irrigation: Recycled water irrigation systems that are entirely separate from the domestic water source could be put into use. It would be necessary to clean this water extra, so the crops would not be contaminated.
  • Recreation: Recycled water could be made use of in outdoor fountain displays; it could be used to water golf courses as well as for man-made snow.
  • For industrial use: Countless companies make use of a huge quantity of water, however, very little, if any of it is recycled. It could be reused for the company's water sprinkling systems not to mention in its cooling systems

So when we begin to look at advantages that using recycled water would give not only California, but all people in the U.S. and throughout the world, we can see its importance, even though it cannot be used for human consumption.

Remember; where there is a problem, there is a solution if we are willing to take the necessary steps to fix the problem.

John Printman.


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