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Live and Learn: Business Lessons I learnt as a waitress

Updated on May 20, 2012

I was called upon once again to give a helping hand in waiting on people, only that the event was a wedding at this time. It was another opportunity to get up, go out, make contacts with people, observe and learn from the culture and the lifestyles as laid bare before me. The tasks stared me in the face as i took on the tasks of organizing the desert, a fruity tutti on a palm tree and a chocolate fountain. This occupied my time for the next few hours as the others scampered around in getting the food ready on time. Everything must be well presented, perfect and delivered on time. Faces started to arrive in traditional attires and big Gele's, the facial expressions said it all; they were hungry but their eyes lit up at sight of food in the court, they something to look forward to.

Soon the hall was filled with people and it was time to serve. I never really understood the word SERVE until this day as "to render assistance and be of use, help". I remember the word aunt used was to come and help and it was the word "help" that convinced me to go and wait on others not as a servant as some people treated us as but but as on to rendering an assistance to the helpless and the needy.

Again, I left the event learning certain lessons both for the personal use and also for the business world

For Business: I leant to

Deliver your service on time

Have enough capacity for the service you are offering

Delegate tasks diligently

Have a plan on orderliness (that is if you are in this kind of business and you need it)

Deliver something different and inspiring

Present a perfect service


Never treat other people as servants even if they are serving you, serving does not mean servant

Be patient at parties, you never know who is serving you


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