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Can You Really Tell What a Persons Character is Just by Their Looks?

Updated on December 23, 2012

typecasting by a persons looks is unfair and politcally incorrect

I recently stumbled on, what I consider to be ,at least, a very offensive comment based on someones looks. Here it is... The man who actually LOOKS like a child molester right out of central casting .

To my knowledge no one can LOOK like a set criminal type.Thieves and crooks dont always have 'beady eyes' killers arent all 'crazy' looking and cshild molesters look like....what exactly? A persons looks are not what a person should be judged by yet everday people are judged and judge others by their looks.Looks are not important to me as a persons character.I would rather have many friends that are not the best lookers in the world then one that is the most handsome or beautiful person in the world.

Theres several reasons for this. First, plainer looking people are not overly egotistical and know your a friend for their character traiits rather then for their looks. Overly good looking people have heard most, if not all, their lives how great they, look making them think higher of themselves then they really are. I know this is not true about all of the good looking or plain looking people but in general it is true about most people. Second more important then looks is a persons personality. The better a person feels about themself the better the personality.

Getting back on track with the subject of a persons looks not being how you judge them.As i said there is no proof that any specific criminal type has a set look the sexy handsome guy down the hall or street could be a bigger serial killer then Charles Manson or John Wayne Gacey or he could be some sexy handsome person struggling to make ends meet at a day to day jobthat loves animals plants and cooking. Yet most people dont give him/her a second glance as far as negativty( most look and think 'yeah iId go for a bit of that.'). Yet let someone with ,lets say using off the wall description here, long stringy hair, scraggly beard a somewhat crazed look about them in their dress. Add in a not so happy looking countanance on their face and not the most handsome face either and right away what are the thoughts that go though ones mind?"That guy is bad news.He looks like he is after something or up to no good"

To many this is what a stereotypical criminal may look like,when in fact, he or she may be some person that just put in a full day at work and is tired and heading home to eat and relax with his family. So , I ask you in all seriousness,with an old cliche added in ...Should you really choose a book by its cover?If you say no then why judge a person by their looks?? And if you said yes you really need to rethink your literary tastes.Just something to think about. And for any that are curious the description I used of the long hair and scraggly bearded person... that was a description of how I look.(see picture)and yes I am sure some people that have seen me think just that , "this guy is up to no good"at one time or other.


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    • Wulf Dreamwalker profile image

      Wulf Dreamwalker 5 years ago

      even the phase 'beautiful people' is misleading as who says who is beautiful ? to me all people are beautiful in there own way but who am i to judge lol. thank you for your friendly comment

    • zenpropix profile image

      zenpropix 5 years ago

      First, on the positive side, you look a little like Tate, the finalist on the X-factor. The 'over-profiling' of people based on looks is not only wrong, but misleading, as your hub suggests. Recently I saw Brad Pitt in an interview preceding his next movie, in which he is a gun-for-hire. As scraggly as he appeared, I guarantee he would have had trouble getting a job at a convenience store. Finally, physical attractiveness may help in the job search, but I've known far more distorted personalities among the 'beautiful people' than among the rest of the population.