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Can Online Education Lower Costs and Improve Quality?

Updated on March 30, 2019

“Online Education is the most powerful

weapon which you can use

to change the world.”

-Nelson Mandela

Quality education is one that gives all students and learners the potential they require to turn out to be a successful human being, become economically and financially strong, and contribute their best to the society.

It is important to stress upon not only on education but on the quality of education too. It does not matter even if students spend twelve years or fourteen years, they may not be able to develop their personality, know proper etiquettes, life skills, etc, if the quality of their education was not up to the mark.

The quality of education teaches the student to work effectively and efficiently and for this, improvement in the quality of teachers is necessary.

But the coming generation is growing in such an environment where technology has always and will continue to progress. We are living in a world where mobile phones and tablets are available at affordable prices. Technology has all the solutions for us. If you are traveling and want to carry books, which would definitely make your bag heavier or occupy some space which could have been utilized by other things. Instead, carry a Kindle with you. Kindle is a tablet-shaped, an interesting gadget for book readers. It grants you access to millions of books in one place. Not just reading, it also has the option for audiobooks as well.

Not just this, today, kids believe in pursuing the course of their passion and enhancing their skills. As rightly said degrees don’t matter, but skills do. They want to get a touch of so many different courses even we haven’t heard of. But in the classroom training, they limit themselves to the compulsory subjects and leave behind the subjects they always wanted to study. And when children go to school, parents have to pay for so many extra things like computer practical, library etc, and children don’t even get enough benefit from those things. Above that, not every individual is a book lover, but parents do have to pay for it.

But online education is coming up as an emerging trend. Students are willing to invest more in the courses they want to study and explore. Certain websites like coursera offer billions of certificate courses and have flexible hours. Flexible hours and lower costs are what makes online education as a new revolution. Students can watch the previous lessons to recall what they have learned in the last class which is practically not possible in the classroom training. The positive point is that students can reach to limitless courses from personality development, English speaking to a Business analyst.

Due to the limited time period, students are not provided with the complete knowledge of the subject they study, rather are given just the overview of it. But in online learning, they can have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject.

In earlier times online education was just a word of mouth and not everybody had access to the internet connection. But today the scenario has changed completely, every individual has a reach to it and additionally, online learning provides courses at cheaper rates Lower Costs is what making more students incline towards Online Education. According to a recent survey, Secondary school graduates are bound to seek after their higher education totally online, and this is to a great extent brought about by the soaring expenses of school educational cost.

Not far back, eLearning was observed as a source, intended to provide complete knowledge through long distance learning. Nowadays, in any case, online training is progressively being viewed as a suitable option in contrast to the conventional way of going to school.

Adaptability, Flexible hours, cooperation, interaction among different teachers and access to advanced learning materials are regularly referred to just like the more prominent focal points of online instruction, however educational cost costs are turning into the most imperative elements among the students who incline towards the computerized online grounds to the physical grounds. Preceding the worldwide financial crisis of 2008, eLearning was for the most part centered around Master degrees, extra credit etc; these days, secondary school graduates lean toward examining on the web essentially because of the way that the expenses of school educational cost are taking off.

Another Expensive reality of on-campus training is the textbooks that online education alleviates. Because of eLearning, a large number of the course materials are incorporated into the curriculum. The hidden innovation that makes this conceivable, similar to the high-speed internet that learners can really manage, is very different from the situation only 10 years ago.

The time-saving advantage of online education over the classroom is more helpful. Evacuating travel time is a colossal factor in why online training is the best choice for certain individuals. Individuals who are busy or occupied in daily chores, juggling work with childcare plans, may possess energy for contemplating, yet traveling can be troublesome sometimes.

Even the transportation costs can be reduced when college students choose the e-learning mode. Many students even have to pay the toll fees, parking fees in the campus, petrol etc. Most important traveling daily in metro cities has become a really tough job. Traveling at peak hours and passing through the traffic increases stress. By the time the student reaches home, he is so exhausted and not in a condition to do any further activity.

Whereas in e-learning sit at your own comfortable chair, study whenever you want to and lots of reduction on miscellaneous expenses.

When it comes to quality education; teachers are also more concerned these days whether the child is understanding the things better in the classroom or through eLearning. And this is where eLearning got more preference. Teachers or experts have started their own YouTube channel, giving a complete knowledge.

Undergrads who go online to get their degrees for the reason of financially backward, won't get a lesser knowledge.

With this impact, it is essential to recall that even Steve Jobs, chose to review his courses at Reed College since he couldn't bear the cost of education.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2019 Hetal


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