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Can we change core beliefs, therefore so called destiny? Part I

Updated on November 25, 2017


The essence of how we view ourselves, the world, relationships, future in psychology is called:core beliefs.(

In spirituality the way you are, think, feel... is the way you are shaping your destiny, your future.

For neuroscience your actions, feelings and thoughts depend on how neurons wire in your brain.

(I recommend dr. Joe Dispenza work.)

Probably philosophical description doesn’t have a destination in changing primal beliefs but defines them (depending on philosophers and century they lived in) as a state of mind not necessarily reflecting the reality, but influencing one’s actions. (

The definition will vary according to different approach.

They all however propose the ways of dealing with unwanted core beliefs, such as: therapy, mindfulness, mental training, excercises, affirmations, etc. There are plenty of techniques, more than one can explore in a lifetime ;). However people still experience being triggered even if having months of better thinking about themselves.

Here I will address core beliefs understood as primal convictions overtaken in early childhood and carried mostly subconsciously in adolescence.

I don’t think that you can change core beliefs in 100%. To some degree you can alter or transform your reactions, appearances and attitutes toward them. In the core however you will always have your primal reaction: RUN if sensing a threat thinking the world is a dangerous place. And it may save you… ;)


If you are an introvert, most likely you willstay thatway. Howeveryou can practice wanted behaviours, and in time you may be even perceived by others as a born extravert. You can act as anextrovert, knowing that an introvert within you needs to be acknowledged in some ways.

Another example are addictions. Every person who experienced being dependent on a specific substance, didn’t become an addict as achild. It happened later, probably in early adulthood… And every therapy patient knows that there is no such thing as anonymous alcoholic totally cured.He won’t beable to drink every now and then and havea healthy relationship with alcohol. It takes one drink or cigarette to be back in the vicious circle.

Coming back to core beliefs, they are forming in early childhood and are kept into early adolescence, unrecognized and carried in one’s subconsciousness. They are slipping every now and then into life situations, in random sentences, said here or there, repeated and therefore settled more into a belief.

The promise of some advertisements to entirely change your beliefs in its core, can beharmful. It is unrealistic to settle a goal foreradicating a core belief and inprinting another one instead.

Transforming it in some percentage is possible, although not every aspect of it.

Solutions & few more observations:

A change of experience, strong emotions, being powerfully impressed by something, can alter your view of life. To what degree however? What does it depend on? 3 aspects can be found here:

1. Working on yourself using books, therapy, workshops.

2. Changing evironment for a better one. However going back to old scenery may trigger primal thought therefore a feeling. For example becoming rich or successful in career, may not alter your first belief but lessen its impact on you. If you lose your position, money, you are very likely to be triggered again.

3. People. Possibly you won’treact to somebody you don’t care about. And again, you are going to be powerfully triggered by loved ones: family or spouse. There is a saying: if you think you are enlightened, go ahead and spend a week with your family.

A few more observations:

If somebody told me years ago that total change of a primal belief is uncertain, I would be annoyed and far from agreeing. ;) After all I have changed a lot, reinventing myself and having results communicated by others. This text is however is based on experience of those around me, my own and professionals working in a field of psychology, philosophy and spirituality. What all of these people agree on is: a change is possible, however the progress is slow and it is not final, but based on some sort of a compromise. Just as sudden winning in Lotto, or getting enlightenment is probable, it is very unlikely and not everyone can achieve it within a few months.

Changing view of the world or self, definitely requires a new experience, new perspective, more supportive environment and people. Can someone build self-esteem regarding of negative surroundings?

Some spiritual teachers claim that the Earth is just a transition between destinations and we are here to just gain more experience as if in school.

Whatever is the truth, everyone has own pace in progressing. The only way to see it is to look back and list what has improved in last years.Some people may have seemingly sudden “jump”, “a break through” in their life path. For most of us though it takes practice. Comparing it again to learning a new skill, like for example playing a piano, you don’t expect to do that within a year. You know very well how long it takes. Yet I see advertisements claiming they will change someone's beliefs in 3 days! To do that, not only you have to trace and unlearn unwanted habits, establish new pattern of wiring in your brain, but then implement new skill that will take over the old one. I bet you don’t have to do all of that while starting to play piano.

Joanna Pilatowicz with editorial assistance of Izabela Kochanowska


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    • profile image

      Simone Camilleri 

      14 months ago

      Interesting post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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