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Can we create an artificial Sun?

Updated on May 29, 2017

Artificial Resource for Energy

Can we create an artificial Sun?

Well, we know that the Sun is the center of the solar system, and its importance is beyond just providing the energy to run the system smoothly. The Sun is a huge energy reserve and annihilation and fusion reactions going on in the Sun is the sole cause of such a huge energy production. However, I think the Sun is fast losing its reservoir of energy. Although the process is slow enough and may take millions of years to get completed, the Sun cannot always remain the only source of energy for the human endeavors.

As is obvious, energy is undeniably the only requirement to keep the living beings intact on earth, a medium sized planet in the Solar system. So, my question is Can we create an artificial Sun that provides us the energy in case our natural energy giant starts malfunctioning? I think, it is possible. We do have the technology and knowledge to create another Sun that can keep us healthy and alive. Nonetheless, creation of a Sun is the not the problem but the resultant repercussions are a bit of trouble for us.

Firstly, I am saying we can create a Sun because we already have the idea of fusion and fission reactions and scientists can effectively start these processes in reactors. We already have a wide base of nuclear weapons that can be used for this purpose. Once we get enough reacting materials and start the process in a certain location of the universe, we will get a huge reservoir of energy that can be used as a source of energy for running a constantly evolving technological world for human beings. That can be a win-win situation, but the repercussions that come with this advantage are the main reasons of concern.

The artificial Sun created in the universe will be a new system that is produced by technology rather than any natural phenomenon. Once we start the fusion and fission reactions, the balance of the certain portion of the universe where we do it will get imbalanced. We may need to balance this anomaly by destroying some planets or other universal inter stellar objects because the resource of energy created will squeeze the energy out of a limited base of energy that is available in the universe.

Once the artificial Sun is created, we must also make it a system that has an orbit similar to the original Sun. The orbit must not come in the path of any inter-stellar object of the universe. It seems to be a simple idea, but setting the artificial Sun in its own orbit is not that easy. A newly created source of energy must be in balance with the universal system called the universe. The universe follows some distinct rules and the artificial Sun must fall in the bracket. If the artificial Sun is created without thinking about the repercussions, it may be a big mess.

Our knowledge of the space, the universe and the solar system is limited and more knowledge must be gathered before we embark upon the journey. However, an artificial Sun is a good idea to put the nuclear weapons for good use. If we can create an energy reserve that lasts for millions of years, it can be a boon for a better human society. Therefore, it can be a good idea to pursue in terms of energy requirements that are always growing in the technologically nurtured human society of this tiny planet in the solar system.

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