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Can you write your own destiny?

Updated on September 12, 2017

Dream career, it was of mine. But they said fate had a different plan for me. I never believed in fate until it took over me. What could I do? There was no way I could achieve it. Anyway of achieving it would mean running away and living on my own which ofcourse, with no money, couldn’t get me anywhere. Just when I thought it was my life and that I could live it the way I wanted, I was handed down options to do anything except what I wanted. I was bound, bound to the situations around me. I couldn’t get myself out of it. It kept pulling me back and I ended up in something that was no way related to what I wanted to do. Thought of sucking up my grades to show how much I hated it, with hopes that they would let me do what I wanted. But who was I talking to? What was I playing with? There was no way they were gonna take me out of this. No angel is gonna come down from heaven to save me. So I decided “not to suck up”….because in the end who is gonna loose except me. Thought of a different plan. Thought i'd finish college, get a job, get my own money and then study what I wanted. Maybe it would just be dream. But I am not gonna weep because of my past. Im gonna live the moment. What the future holds nobody knows. What we got is the present so ENJOY IT!!!!! :) :D

~Happiness- that's what dreams are made of~

Don't let your present situations define the rest of your life. They are just mere obstacles. You just have show it, how good you are at achieving your dreams!

© 2017 AngelaJJ


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