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Canadian Nurses Association Provides Perspective on Nursing Accreditation

Updated on November 2, 2010

Indonesian Delegation Studies Canada’s Accreditation System

By Edwin Cordero Mercurio

An Indonesian government Project, funded by the World Bank has set its sight on Canada for guidance and a model for best practices in the creation of an independent national accreditation agency for nursing, medical, dental and midwifery schools. Indonesia , recently, sent its delegation to Canada with the aim of studying the country’s accreditation system.

Delegates from the Indonesian National Nurses Association (INNA), the Indonesian Nursing Education Institutions Associations met with the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing in Ottawa and Saskatoon. The Indonesian delegates wanted to “learn more about how Canada certifies its schools to ensure graduates have received an appropriate level of training.”

The Canadian Nurses Association reports “The group explored Canada’s accreditation system: its structures, its relationship with government and stakeholders, the process for developing policies and procedures, and how schools are assessed. Methods for sharing results were also discussed, as were rewards and sanctions procedures.” (Canadian Nurse Magazine, October 2010 issue)

The Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association, INNA’s long time mentor, hosted the delegates in Saskatoon and provided a provincial perspective on accreditation. The delegation also met with representatives from the University of Saskatchewan’s College of nursing and the Health Quality Council.

Dienne Hardianti Moehario, the Indonesian ambassador acknowledged the long standing collaboration between CNA and INNA in helping to strengthen the role of nurses in Indonesia’s health care system.

The CNA's Internationaltional Policy and Development department helped in organizing the visit.

Source: Canadian Nurse Magazine


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  • MercuryNewsOnline profile image

    MercuryNewsOnline 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

    That's true Denden. However there are many provinces here in Canada that act as strict gatekeepers.

  • denden mangubat profile image

    denden mangubat 7 years ago from liloan, cebu, philippines

    canada's accreditation to asian countries is really a good benefit for both parties