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Candle Meditation

Updated on December 18, 2017

It is impossible to still the mind completely however focussing one's attention on a singular image or sound can have a very peaceful, quieting, and even rejuvenating effect. Even flying a kite is a form of meditation. Doing nothing else but staring at the sky and watching the kite sway in the wind allows the mind to defocus from the typical stress of day-to-day living. Sitting quietly and letting yourself become absorbed in music has the same effect as does staring at a fishing rod waiting for a bite.

Meditation is a simple concept but can often be made to seem exclusively weird, complicated, strange, new-age, etc. Here is something for you to try that is straight-forward and will enable you to enjoy the experience almost immediately.

Meditation can be considered a technique or practice that brings your mind to rest for awhile. It usually involves concentrating on an object such as a flower, candle, sound, word, or the breath and often results in the mind becoming more peaceful, calm and focused.

The candle meditation is a simple process that takes no longer than five minutes to experience. Ready?

  • Sit comfortably.
  • Place a lighted candle approximately three feet in front of you.

  • Gaze directly at the flame for approximately two minutes. Fix your mind completely on the image of the flame and concentrate on the depth of each colour, on each movement and notice the way it flickers; look at the constantly changing shape and size; the way it changes form, brightness, colour, etc. Every time you notice your mind wandering, calmly and gently bring it back and concentrate again on the flame.

  • After approximately two minutes, close your eyes and gently press your palms against them. You will still see the image of the flame in your mind.
  • Hold your palms against your eyes for about another two minutes as you concentrate on that image being careful to keep the flame in focus. Fix your mind completely on the image of the flame and let no thoughts distract you. If the image should disappear, simply bring it back by looking for it (with your eyes closed).
  • Relax for a minute with your eyes open or closed and take note of how good you feel.


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    • Russ Baleson profile image

      Russ Baleson 8 years ago from Sandhurst, United Kingdom

      Thanks Amez, what I like about this method is it can be done so quickly. Regards, Russ

    • Amez profile image

      Amez 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Great Hub, I've used Candles in Aroma Theropy, as I Meditate, but havn't tried Gasing into the light, I guess, My Channeling of my breathing to my Organs, and Anatomy,Such as Muscels, does the same. Thanks again for your Hub