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Candy Was King In My Childhood

Updated on August 5, 2016

Every chance my siblings and I got to run to the store with our parents, we took. In the end it could mean a candy bar if we didn't act up. Most times it also meant a bottle of soda to wash it down with. A nice, ice cold Mello Yello, RC Cola or Pepsi would do the trick nicely. Do you remember standing in front of the candy counter trying to frantically pick THE best candy before your mom or dad gave you the "Let's go! It's time to pay!" warning? My go to was usually a Whatchamacallit or Reese's Peanut Butter Cup but there were many a store run that ended in Necco Wafers or candy cigarettes. So many of our childhood candies are now long gone or simply just not popular anymore.

Today, I went out to get a sandwich for my lunch from the local Country Store near my office. One side of the store is a country store and sandwich counter but the other half... a candy store and ice cream parlor. Not just any candy store, but a candy store that carries candies from my youth. I couldn't believe my eyes while I was looking over the tables of candy. Candy cigarettes, Necco Wafers in original and chocolate, Turkish taffy and the piece de resistance...a jumbo Sugar Daddy. What a very cool walk back in time it was. I was almost disappointed when they yelled to let me know my sandwich was ready. I wanted to stay and browse. What I actually wanted to do was BUY but I was a good grown up and I left BUT not before I snapped a couple of pics. Yes, I looked completely ridiculous taking pictures of candy but I didn't care. I was recapturing a small nugget of my childhood.

For those that are local to Northwest CT, the name of the store is Clevelands Country Store and Sweet Tooth Ice Cream Shop. Drop in and feel the nostalgia. For those that are not local, you can also order candy from your past from Old Time Candy online. You can browse candy by flavor and by decade. It really is a very cool online candy store.

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