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Cannabis Can smoking the Pot make you Potty

Updated on January 9, 2014


Here are some facts about marijuana

It is called Pot, because it is grown in pots in cold climates, and mostly indoors.
In Switzerland, "Pot" was legalized and some folk grew it (in fields, gardens or in the house) and smoked it. It is the seeds which are the most narcotic.
Then university students' marks went down. They were the main section of the population which smoked pot.

Due to this, it was banned in Switzerland during 1969. It was not banned before that.
Cigarette smoke has only three main substances that can cause health problems.
Marijuana has over one hundred and ten (110) substances which affect health.
Some are beneficial others are not.
It is unpredictable what is in each batch of marijuana.
Some substances inhibit sex drive. Other substances enhance sex. This goes for its other qualities. Some qualities are high in curing some disease and mental conditions.
Other substances in marijuana make people go permanently insane.
In Europe, some universities have hybridized marijuana.

Some varieties have no narcotic value, but produce very strong fiber. In some instances other varieties of marijuana can have a very high sex-drive quality. This is sold to the prostitute industry.
A marijuana plant can grow to a foot high. And it can grow to six meters high, depending on climate and soil nutrients.

Planting seeds in one area, it produces certain qualities.
Plant same seeds in same ground a year later, it produces completely different qualities.
Or, using same seed, and plant it ten miles away in another place. Again, different qualities are produced.
Pro-marijuana will explain its good qualities. The problem arises, and it is difficult to determine, especially in a court of law, what exactly each batch is.
If one variety is legal (due to its medical qualities) and another variety is prohibited due to its dangerous qualities. If this gets to court nothing can be proved.
So when Pro-marijuana boast about it, the next batch they smoke might be fatal.



An Example of a pot smoking person

A person has been smoking it for five years. That person drives on the roads having had smoked the cannabis, or is smoking it. All is good; there is an enhanced driving ability and no accidents. Without any realization, one day, the same person smokes a new (untried) batch of cannabis. It causes the person to drive on the highway recklessly. Going potty from smoking the pot, speed is recognized as a normal feeling and without any warning an accident happens and innocent people are killed.

It happens so suddenly. Smoking pot really does make one go potty.

Or, go to a mechanic's work shop. Allow workers to smoke it during the tea break. The one who smoked it is given a hammer. With one blow he breaks a metal bar, something which is impossible for someone who did not smoke it to do.

That is how powerful marijuana can be.

Give him/her a gun. Let them pull the trigger. . . What power have they got? Potty indeed!


So don't be deceived or misled

It is possible to identify a person who is smoking marijuana. Look at the smoke cloud. Cigarette smoke is white. Marijuana smoke has a distinctive blue tinge. This can be seen 100 yards away, easily.
The eyes of a pot smoker are red.
And it can be smelt by others who a standing near someone who had just recently smoked marijuana.

In South Africa it was banned during the late 1960s.
Only old African males were allowed go smoke it in their traditional style. This was allowed at their residences and they used a variety of hookah.
Anyone caught by the police smoking it or in possession could go to jail for six years.


What is your responsibility?

Tell those who use it, or tell them nothing about the consequences. Say the least. Let them go ahead and smoke as much as the like.

Then they will experience firsthand what happens.
The tragedy is that a completely innocent person is killed or injured. Then arrest those who did the damage to go to court and throw them into the worst prison imaginable.
Smoking marijuana is no reason to kill someone.

Cannabis smoking can make you potty, and it simply means they will never understand, or will they?


In Conclusion

Colorado, January 1 2014 - "Where prohibition ends and the fun begin," wrote Tim Walker. "Colorado became the first US State to allow the sale of dagga (marijuana) for recreational use."

The edible version sold in shops around the state are running low. Shop owners are fearful that they will not have enough stock to supply the hordes of people frequenting these outlets.

This popular drug is a phenomenon and the legalizing will benefit the people who use it for medication purposes. The people who use it for fun, well that's just it, fun.

Cannabis, can this really make you potty.

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