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Cannabis Smoking Guide - Grinders

Updated on October 22, 2014

Lemon Kush Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannabis
Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis Explained

Before we dive into the finer details of marijuana grinders I would like to jump a bit into what medical cannabis is really about.

Cannabis or Marijuana has been used as a medicine for thousands of years and in some cases have even been tracked some 10,000 years into history. It was used as an intricate part of our society and up until 1937 was responsible for most medicine used in the modern world.

Marijuana is said to cure up to 200 diseases and is currently legal in 19 States within the United States. Recently a massive surge of support has been gaining momentum in the US and it could very well be legalized within the next ten years. In fact 52% of the US is now in favor of complete legalization as was stated by a Pew Poll a few weeks back.

Many medical marijuana patients find that cannabis is superior in terms of relief and side effects compared to harsh pharmaceutical drugs. Some people have even used essential hemp oils to cure cancer.

Essential hemp oils is a concentrated liquid obtained from Cannabis. Rick Simpson was one of the first people to implement this method to cure cancer and has thousands of cases showing the benefits of using essential hemp oils. Even Tommy Chong cured his prostate cancer with Essential hemp oils.

This Cannabis Smoking Guide will eventually climb into deeper details relating these cures and consumption methods and mentioned the above to prove to you that cannabis is indeed a medicine and if used correctly can be of great benefit to your health.

Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

Should Marijuana be Legalized?

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Marijuana Grinder


What is a Marijuana Grinder?

A Marijuana Grinder is a device used to grind up the marijuana bud into fine usable product which is then either rolled into a joint, packed in a pipe, bong or vaporizer.

Marijuana comes in the shape of a bud (flower). If it's good it will be fresh, compact little nugs with crystals all over them. Sometimes it will be sticky to the touch and sometimes more grainy (if it's on the dry side).

Cannabis Grinders come in all shapes and sizes but some weed grinders are better than others. Some people don't use grinders and that's okay too, but if you want to get value for each toke you'll most probably switch over to a marijuana grinder as well.

Benefits of a Cannabis Grinder

There are quite a few benefits from a marijuana grinder that will show the more you use it. Below is a list of the greatest benefits from using a weed grinder (in no particular order):

  1. Your fingers wont smell like cannabis (Big plus if you want to keep your medicinal habits on the down low)
  2. You get even grinds for even smoking or vaping
  3. On the go storage container - The grinder doesn't spill due to magnet locks
  4. Kief Collecter - Most grinders collects kief (the little crystals on the weed) through a little strainer. If you've never taken a pure kief're missing out!
  5. Aesthetically it looks Pro- Maybe not a big point but having a grinder just makes you look like you know what you're doing

Different Types of Grinders

I have seen four major types of grinders of which there is obviously one that reigns supreme. The list goes as follows:

  • Metal Cannabis Grinder - The Metal Grinder comes in different layers and is very sturdy. These generally have Kief Collectors at the bottom and in my personal opinion is the better of the three options. While it may cost a bit more you definitely get a nice device to help you with your cannabis consumption.
  • Plastic Weed Grinder - I don't personally like plastic but I have used one once to help grind up a large sum of cannabis. It doesn't collect Kief which is a downer but it is easier to clean that the metal marijuana grinder. It's slightly cheaper but comes in handy when you need to grind a lot quickly.
  • Wooden Marijuana Grinder - The final ones I don't really bother with unless I'm in some Godforsaken place far away from my cannabis consumption tools. I've seen some of these grinders just with two sides and nails nailed in it. It works...but not my number one choice.
  • Electrical Cannabis Grinder - There are a few electrical grinders on the market as well and these are truly great for patients with arthritis and muscle conditions. Simply place the cannabis inside the device and press a button. This doesn't collect the kief but it definitely simplifies life.

Choosing your Herb Grinders



In the end you need to ask yourself a few things before you commit to purchasing your own marijuana grinder. A grinder is an awesome gizmo to have and will surely increase your overall enjoyment of cannabis consumption.

Please note that this hub was created for people who live within currently accepted medical cannabis and recreational cannabis areas. If you currently live within a place where cannabis is not accepted please do not attempt any of the information provided.

I hope that this guide helped you out and will be working on the Cannabis Smoking Guide to answer any and all questions related to cannabis.


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