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Cannabis sativa: What is it and how to grow it

Updated on January 19, 2016

Cannabis in general

Cannabis is for some people a drug for others a medicine. This controversial plant has been sparking debates all over the world for decades now. So what is it? What makes this plant so special and where is it found? Cannabis as a whole is found naturally in many areas though it originated in countries closer to the equator favoring a warm environment. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of different strains out there many of them had originally occurred naturally. In terms of medicine this plant has been used to treat ailments for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. Before recent times cannabis was widely smoked by people all over the world until it was labeled a drug and made illegal. Though cannabis is illegal in most states that is quickly changing as people learn more about this plant and how it can help people.

Growing cannabis sativa

Cannabis sativa is one of the main classifications of cannabis, indica and ruderalis being the other two. Sativa is the largest plant out of all three of them as it grows to be relatively tall. The buds and leaves on this plant are spread relatively far apart and emits typically more of a sweet or tangy smell.

This plant can be hard to grow indoors due to its height which is on average about 5-25 ft tall. This plant will take about 8-14 weeks to flower and begin to produce buds. Because this plant originated near the equator a warmer environment should be used when growing this plant.

Like any plant they begin as sprouts and work their way up. The plants should be germinated before you plant them to have a higher chance at them blooming, Watering should be done when the top of the soil begins to feel dry. You can grow them in small pots until they reach about a foot high then they should be transplanted into larger pots.

If you have typical non feminized seeds then once they hit the pre flowering stage they will begin to grow small buds. The male plants will have more round style buds on them where the female buds will come more to a point.Females will also begin to grow small little hairs on them. Once they hit this stage you will want to cut the male plants down or else they will fertilize the female plants causing the m to focus on seeding instead of growing buds. There are ways you can use the male plant so you could just separate them instead but make sure they are seperated into seperate rooms where the pollen from the males can't reach your females.

Once your female plants reach maturity you'll want to cut down the entire plant then gently pull the bud off its branch then cut the extra leaves off of it. Once you do that and get all the buds pulled off your plant it's time to start curing and drying your buds.

How to cure your buds

To cure you will want to have several racks stacked ontop of eachother or spread out depends on the space you have available. You will spread out your fresh buds onto your trays and allow to sit there for several hours to several days checking it often until it feels dry. Once your buds feel dry then you should put them into mason jars checking them daily once they're in there as well.

If your buds feel wet then place them outside of your jar for 12-24 hours. Place back into your jar when they don't feel wet anymore but no longer than 36 hours.

If they feel most just take off the lid off your mason jar for 2-4 hours and check them periodically.

If they feel dry then place a humidi pak near them to rehydrate.

If they feel sticky then your exactly where you should be! keep it in whatever container your going to use for storing your bud and use it however you wish.

What kind of high will cannabis sativa give?

Cannabis sativa has hundreds of different strains available though in general the high produces is often a very uplifting one. This high often increases productivity and influences creativity. This is much more of a mind high than the other kinds of cannabis out there and often helps people focus.

How is cannabis sativa used medically

Often times you will hear of cannabis being given to cancer patients, this is not the kind of cannabis that is given for this. This cannabis though does have it's medical purposes. Cannabis sativa is used to treat people with mental disabilities and learning disorders. Cannabis sativa is most commonly prescribed to people with ADHD, ADD, and depression.

Who is cannabis sativa best for?

Cannabis sativa is best for people who like to be social and smoke during the day. Cannabis sativa is uplifting and gives people energy meaning it should not be taken before bed or when you wish to calm down. This kind of cannabis is good for people who would want to go out after they have smoked.

This kind of cannabis is not recommended for people who get anxious when they are high or who are very jittery as it can increase anxiety and nervousness.

Cannabis should always be consumed in a responsible and legal manner. Learn the laws on marijuana in your area and make sure you follow them. Often times for growing cannabis you will need a special license depending on the state.


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