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Cannibal Attack In Pennsylvania - Still No Known Cause To This Rabid Behavior Happening All Over The World

Updated on August 5, 2013

The Insanity Continues After A Short Hiatus From The Public View

Once again the report of a cannibalistic outburst is reported in the united states with no response from the CDC. Exactly 2 months after the last nationally reported incident of this nature, a Pennsylvania man, 20 year old Richard Cimino Jr, took on the obligation of being the latest attacker in this crazy string of events.

On September 7th, Cimino started his insane rampage by stripping down to his underpants and attempting to break into a local residence. His scheme came to an abrupt halt when the homeowner awoke and chased Cimino away with the threat of shooting the invader.

After his failure to enter the first home, Cimino then found himself an unoccupied house to break in to, but not until he first shed the hindering underpants that he previously chose to keep on. Perhaps he felt the remaining clothing was restraining the rabid behavior he was attempting to display.

The Attackers Seem To Have No Sense Of Pain Or Compassion

Upon entering this new building the perpetrator decided, for yet unknown reasons, to leap out of a second story window. Cimino sustained serious injuries in the fall but seemed to not even notice as he set his sights on a new goal.

Bleeding profusely from the two story fall, Cimino began screaming wildly and began pursuit of two women who happened to be passing by at the time. The attacker quickly caught up to his prey and latched his mouth onto the head of one of the women and began gnawing away in an apparent attempt to eat her flesh.

What do you think is the cause of these cannibal attacks?

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This Victim Fights For Her Life

The victim wasn't about to go down that easy and fought off her attacker at which point both women fled the scene and called the police. It didn't take the local police long to find Cimino though apprehending him is a different story. When Cimino lunged at, in an attempt to bite, several officers they used their stun guns to subdue the attacker and take him into custody.

Cimino was taken to Geisinger Community Medical Center to be treated for his injuries. The female victim refused medical treatment for her head injuries and her name was not released, so it is unknown whether she too became a raging lunatic or zombie after sustaining a bite from Cimino.

Jeremiah Aaron Haughee
Jeremiah Aaron Haughee | Source

St. Augustine, Florida Cannibal Attack Exactly Two Months Prior

The last nationally reported incident of this nature was reported in St. Augustine, Florida on July 7th when 22 year old Jeremiah Aaron Haughee stripped off all of his clothes and climbed onto the roof of a St. Augustine home. Upon hearing commotion outside the home owner and his son went outside to investigate.

As soon as the residents stepped out of their house Haughee lept from the roof, ran inside and began urinating on the floor. The two men then attempted to tackle and restrain Haughee until police could arrive. Before police could arrive Haughee managed to take a large bite out of the stomach of one man causing extensive damage to the point of permanent disfigurement.

Extreme Measures Are The Only Way To Subdue The Enraged Attacker

Upon the officers arrival to the scene they found Haughee barely restrained and covered in his own urine. Police then took over and attempted to use handcuffs to further subdue Haughee with little effect. The enraged, nude man only went into further rage at this point and began fighting back with even more hostility than before.

Haughee was finally taken into custody, but only with the use of hand cuffs, shackles and being hit several times with a taser. The attacker also managed to take a bite out of one officers leg at which point he was adorned with a spit hood. Haughee had to be taken down with tranquilizers by local doctors in order to keep him contained for testing.


Not Exactly An Average, Everyday Hollywood Zombie Plague

OK, so this obviously isn't a Hollywood style zombie apocalypse with bite victims morphing into walking dead monsters, but there is seriously something strange going on here. Sure I get it, cannibalism has been around for millions of years but you can't possibly tell me that this is all just a few rare coincidences. Something strange is going on, whether it be a rage virus, a zombie apocalypse or a new drug that just happens to be undetectable in drug screens.

Regardless of what the cause the people deserve answers, not just another Government brush off or cover up, I'm sure we can all agree that there have been enough of those already. In any case I'm not gonna be left hanging out to dry, my cupboards are stocked, guns are loaded and bug out bag is prepped, I won't go down without a fight.

DS Duby


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    • surfer1969 profile image


      7 years ago

      Yep It could be and plus we are always finding new illnesses each day too.No telling really what It can be I guess.

    • DS Duby profile imageAUTHOR

      DS Duby 

      7 years ago from United States, Illinois

      It's definitely a good possibility that its something we are unable to test for yet.

    • surfer1969 profile image


      7 years ago

      I think It's all the effect of designer drugs really.

    • DS Duby profile imageAUTHOR

      DS Duby 

      7 years ago from United States, Illinois

      Thanks Kate, the world certainly is a very crazy place

    • Kate Mc Bride profile image

      Kate McBride 

      7 years ago from Donegal Ireland

      These are terrible random attacks. The world is a crazy place, isn't it? Thanks for sharing this DS Duby. It was a very interesting read

    • DS Duby profile imageAUTHOR

      DS Duby 

      7 years ago from United States, Illinois

      It all definitely has the feel of the penguin corporation doesn't it! I hope they figure it all out soon cause I'd sure hate to go out as somebodies dinner. Thanks for reading and commenting raharris

    • raharris profile image

      Robert Harris 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      I remember seeing something like this on the news it's crazy to think that a little chemical can make you a completely insane 'zombie' ! Where is Alice when you need her!! she would have dealt with this in no time :O

    • DS Duby profile imageAUTHOR

      DS Duby 

      7 years ago from United States, Illinois

      Thanks TToombs08 and iTommyGuns, we can start our own HubPages zombie defense team lol thanks again for reading and commenting.

    • iTommyGuns profile image


      7 years ago from Blakeslee, PA

      Thanks for sharing this. I had heard about it from a friend but never had any of the details. this one was pretty close to home too. I'm fighting with you!

    • TToombs08 profile image

      Terrye Toombs 

      7 years ago from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map.

      Holy crap! I love St. Augustine, FL!

      Added a link to mine. Great hub, Scott!

    • DS Duby profile imageAUTHOR

      DS Duby 

      7 years ago from United States, Illinois

      Not on these two but they did on several of the others that have happened this year, like the Miami cannibal Rudy Eugene. They suspected a drug called bath salts to be the culprit but so far have only found marijuana in a few of the attackers. So if it is drug related I would have to think it's something so new they haven't developed a way of testing it yet.

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 

      7 years ago

      Wow, I had never heard of any of this before. I wonder if they did any drug testing on these nuts to determine if drugs were involved with their strange behavior?


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