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To Live Away From Home And Start With College

Updated on October 21, 2020
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I finished a degree from an international school and once lived in a dorm for pre med students. And thankful to be successful as well.

The Most Interesting Moments In College Life

Just would want to talk about college life and the fun stuffs that everyone will have at the University as well. It is the first time for an individual to go to a University which is far from their home and away from family. And a young student must be excited to have freedom and have an independent life as well. It's cool to be independent, right? An important part is in choosing a course that we want to take up. And we should carefully think of what course we want and decide what should take up. Your line of interest might belong in the arts and humanities, health science, business administration and other related courses. An important advice that I can give is choose a particular course that you like or the course that is your choice for it is not good for parents to force their children to take a particular course that is not their son or daughter's choice.

What Are The Most In-Demand Courses Today

Before entering college, it's an advantage to learn first about the school where you want to enroll. They usually provide informative brochures and you can just visit the school and they will just hand it out to you. You can read information about the school here. They will orient you with everything such as the location of the University, library, gymnasium, the different courses they offer, their tuition fees, available dormitories and so on.

Here are the most in-demand courses that I want to share for you.

  1. Management/Business Administration Sales Courses in Health Care Administration

  2. Engineering courses

  3. Clinical Psychology

  4. Statistics and Maths

  5. Entrepreneurship and start-ups

  6. Medical and Biological Sciences

  7. Information Technology

What Are The Courses That Promises A Huge Pay For Us

In choosing a particular course, there are many things to consider like your line of interests and if how many digits is your salary going to be.

Here is a list of 10 High Paying Courses that I want to share with you.

  • Aircraft Operations Aviation, Aeronautical Engineering

  • Commerce, Economics

  • Civil Engineering

  • Actuarial Science

  • Computer Programming

  • Computer Science

  • Computer Engineering

  • Accountancy

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Data Analysis and Statistics

The Things That Are Taking Place In The Dormitory Life

A University has a dormitory for boys and there's a dormitory for girls as well. There are many advantages if you will let your teenager live in a dormitory. One of the big advantage here is they are very well-monitored by a dormitory manager. It's a little bit strict here and the college students have curfews here, it means that they are not allowed to stay outside on very late hours. The fun part is that the students are allowed to have dates with their boyfriends, watch movies, go clubbing as well. But the assistant of the dorm manager will make sure that all the students are inside the dorm and are safe before the curfew hour arrives. It's not good to stay too late outside for they might be hurt with frat fights there and other bad guys there. The dorm have complete facilities and has a television too in the dining room to stay updated with everything. When I have a child, I want to let him or her to stay in a dorm because I'm sure he or she is safe there.

A University will make sure that they have a balance college life and this includes their spiritual life as well. The University will make sure that their spiritual life is being cultivated and their academic life as well. A dorm will have a weekly devotion or a Bible study as well. And they also have a study hour from Monday to Friday from 8:30 pm until 9:30 pm. During study hour, the college students are not allowed to make any noises so that not to disturb the others who are busy studying. And if they have major exams like prelims, midterms and final exams, no visitors are not allowed so that not to disturb the students during their exam week. They don't accept visitors because we don't allow the students to be distracted with their concentration in their studies for their exams because of them. The dorm I mentioned is really strict because it's a dormitory for medical students.

The Fun Activities In The Dormitory

A dorm life is not all about books and school, there are also fun activities that the college students will enjoy. In the dormitory, we have an 'Open House,' event. This is an activity where the dorm is open for everyone and family and friends can visit there. The dormers will choose a particular theme for their room and they may choose a hotel theme, a fashion shop theme, a flower shop theme, a jewelry shop theme, or club theme. Visitors are welcome to come to the dorm and visit their room and the fun part is the students will have to prepare many different and nice snacks for their friends and relatives and they are required to make cute giveaways for their visitors as a thank you token for them.

The dormitory have an 'inter-dorm dance contest.' Each of the dormitories will have a group representative and will compete in that dance contest. It's time for the college students to showcase their dance talents. It's fun for the dormers to watch the activity of the 'inter-dorm dance contest.'

Another exciting activity in the dorm is their boyfriends are allowed to visit the college students there during visiting hours. They can usually visit them after study hour, and as I can recall with my college life, we usually giggle whenever we get phone calls from our crushes and the girls will shout whenever they will get a personal call from their boyfriends. School is cool. I wish everyone to become successful one day and fulfill all their dreams.

Source of reference:

10 In-demand Courses Leading To Great Jobs/Careers After University.

10 Courses With The Highest Salary Potential In The Philipines. Karl Nicole Nucum.

A quote for college students to inspire them.

Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest when you haven't planted. -David Bly

College Life


A word of encouragement for students.

There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs. -Zig Ziglar

University Of Oxford


Your Field Of Interest

Which area does your chosen course in college belong?

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Ambitions, Success And College Life


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