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Car Design Sketching Ebooks by Luciano Bove

Updated on March 25, 2017
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Luciano Bove is a car design manager working at Renault Design, born in Italy he studied at Art Center College of Design in California.

Luciano Bove
Luciano Bove

E-books to Share Knowledge

More than a year ago I started to have the idea to take some of my free time to dedicate it to e-books about sketching and tutorials. The e-books are available at

I was very excited about the idea and I started to work on it producing several tutorial illustrations and drawings to show all correct steps to make in order to sketch a car. My approach is always the same we must start from the basics of drawing.

The first ebook title is Car Design Sketching Tips Vol 2, a few months later I made 3 more about Sketching Wheels on a car sketch, how to draw Reflections on our car renderings and illustrations, and the last one is about Design Management starting from my personal story. How I started to find the right design school, how much my life changed and what I have learned in 27 years of designer career.

Now I would like to tell you a little more about each ebook.

Car Design Sketching Tips Vol. 2

Car Design Sketching Vol 2
Car Design Sketching Vol 2 | Source

Car Design Sketching Tips Vol 2 e-book

This has been my first e-book I made and now it is already in its second edition 2016. When I made it I really did it as if I were back in school teaching to my students hungry to know and learn how to sketch a car with their pencils and ball point pens.

In it, we will find a step by step guide from early line quality exercises, from drawing circles and ellipses to start sketching cars in every view. We also see how to cast shadow and shadings to help understand volumes and shapes, and we end up with some notions about displaying reflections on sketches.

The special thing is that Michele Leonello ( former Alfa Romeo designer ) and Riccardo Cascone ( Renault Designer in India design studio ) helped me with their professional and passionate contributions, making few beautifully illustrated tutorials for exterior and interior sketching.

In conclusion:

  • line drawing exercises
  • line quality
  • basic shapes
  • side view
  • perspective
  • exterior & interior drawings
  • the composition on the page
  • tutorials
  • adding reflections

Sketching Wheels e-book
Sketching Wheels e-book | Source

Sketching Wheels' Tips

I often receive, via mail or social networks, many requests to evaluate portfolios or sketches. Very often I see how difficult for beginners is to draw correctly their wheels on their car sketches, for this reason, I dedicated one of my e-books to sketching wheels correctly.

How to do? How do we draw wheels without having the effect that our suspensions are broken?

Of course, we do have a method for that and in this e-book, I try my best to explain it in a very simple way using simple illustrations. The key word is the minor axes of our ellipses!

I start, in this guide, by sketching wheels inside a cube. It is an easy way to understand how and where minor axes go. After this, some perspective exercises of cars with wheels' minor axes well highlighted in red.

I tried to make my demos really easy understanding.

Drawing Reflections e-book
Drawing Reflections e-book | Source


Reflections is another hot topic because it is not enough to take a marker and draw marker strokes on a car sketch. Most of the time those strokes do not respect the Light & Reflections theory and for this reason, it is impossible to understand volumes & shapes on your sketches.

It is important to learn how to draw reflections because it is the correct application of those on your car shape that you car show your finest creative work (think about a BMW or Mercedes side body reflections).

Once again we must start from basics of drawing paying particular attention to the Light & reflections' theory. Convex and concave forms, objects that distort when reflected, how the light affects the shading and the cast shadow.

Hakan Saracoglu (ex-student of mine at Art Center Europe and today design director at Chery Motors design studio) gave a great contribution with his beautiful illustrations done while attending school back in 1992.

Real nice old Viscom technique illustrations with nice reflections on.

You will find:

  • Basic shapes cast shadows & reflection theory drawings
  • Car sketches with reflections
  • Illustrations & renderings

Car Designer -some tips for you e-book
Car Designer -some tips for you e-book | Source

Car Designer, Some Tips for You

This e-book is about my personal story and what I have learned in 27 years of work as designer and design teacher in several design schools (Art Center Europe in Vevey CH, IAAD University & IED Design school in Turin Italy).

Car Designer, Some Tips for You: is my will to share my experience and also give useful tips to all design students that soon will become designers and ready to start their career.

It is how I started, my parents lovely and economical help, my determination to make it even if often I had important difficulties, how my life changed and how this affected who I am today.

It is about my projects' experience as design manager, about negotiation, creativity, management, dealing with ups and downs, and so on.

In this e-book, I also talk about Design Management's practices and useful tips for all designers that start their career step into management.


I hope that those e-books will be of your interest, my intention is to continue in new editions for the following years, but also to write about different other topics always referred to Car Design Education.

If you have a particular topic just suggest here in the comments, I will read and consider the most pertinent ones.

Thank you for reading!

Luciano Bove


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    • luciano63 profile image

      Luciano Bove 7 months ago from Paris

      OVD you are right and I am working on it ;) for this summer 2017!

    • profile image

      OVD 8 months ago

      One more important and a complex topic that I would suggest to you is "Car's Interior designing".

      With all the concepts nicely elaborated, would make an awesome guide.