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Career Dreams

Updated on April 5, 2016

Don't give up on dreams

This is to help people to not give up dreams through my experience

High school wasn't a good experience for me, I didn't get bullied or anything but I only had a couple of friends which is all I needed but others ignored me and it felt like even though I was there I wasn't. This all brought me down to low self esteem which in the end cost me the chance to become what I always wanted to be

All growing up all I ever wanted to be was a writer and write a book but when I was in high school I felt from my experience there that I wasn't smart enough, I couldn't get people to listen, nothing was working for me and I thought to find another career which in the end I didn't

During school and a few years after I worked in a supermarket but didn't study anything as I had no idea still of what I wanted to be so I was stuck there feeling miserable most of the time I was there but I never failed to show up. I would go in no matter however sick I was I would always get up in the morning and go. My self esteem had gotten so low i didn't care anymore I didnt feel much about what people said, it was as if I put a lock in my heart

I finally got a boyfriend who I thought I loved and seemed sweet but he turned out to be an asshole, i swear sometimes I felt like killing him

i did different jobs but none of them worked out. No matter what I did i just wasn't fully happy and I either quit or lost the job, so I just gave up all together

I now have someone who I love and have a child but the problem now is when she goes to school I don't have a career to go to. It took my around 10years to realise that I messed up, I should never had let my experience in school get to me and give up on my dream. Now to make that dream I should never have given up on is a dream that would never come true. I am thankful for what I have but I cant help regret giving up on my dream

Don't give up on your dreams no matter what. People should never let you feel down. Just keep trying and become what you want to be


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