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Multiple-Choice General Knowledge Quiz and Study Guide for Students and Homeschoolers (#1)

Updated on January 18, 2014
The 16th President of the United States has a very recognizable face.
The 16th President of the United States has a very recognizable face.

General Knowledge Quiz #1

If you are home schooled, I hope you will find my entire collection of general knowledge quizzes (designed for students in upper high school grades) to be useful and fun to take. This is the first quiz of many to come and I hope you will take them all.

I have included questions on science, history, geography, literature and social studies in these general knowledge quizzes, but I have also done many quizzes on specific subjects and the link to those can be found below.

(Note: If you are a home school instructor and have a facebook page, would you kindly share my articles with other homeschoolers? Thanks in advance.)

Take this first quiz as many times as necessary until you score 100%, then move on to the next one. There are 25 questions in each quiz, so you can take them quickly. These are all questions that you are likely to find on various IQ-type tests throughout your life, so practice the answers until they become second nature to you. You'll be glad you did.

"The Night Watch" by Rembrandt.
"The Night Watch" by Rembrandt.

Questions on Quiz #2

Just in case you want to do a little studying before you take the next test, these are the questions (without the possible answers, of course) that you'll be facing. Look them over and do a little bit of research on the ones that you can't answer immediately. You won't always be able to answer immediately because you don't know what the four multiple-choice answers will be, but you can brush up on the subject in general.

  1. Which of these animals can last longer without water than a camel?
  2. What is the only food that doesn't spoil?
  3. Which of these items was NOT invented by a woman?
  4. What are babies born without that they develop a few years later?
  5. How much money did the United States pay Russia for Alaska?
  6. In which U.S. city were the first streetlights installed in 1757?
  7. What is a group of frogs called?
  8. Approximately 80% of all animals have six of what?
  9. What happens when two plates pushing past each other cause a fracture in the Earth's crust?
  10. Which of these countries has a non-rectangular flag?
  11. Which 48-mile-long canal connects the Pacific and Atlantic oceans?
  12. How many horns does a Triceratops dinosaur have?
  13. What is an animal called that hunts and eats other animals?
  14. Which of these is the largest crab?
  15. What is the blanket of gases that surround a planet called?
  16. What is tree resin called that has been fossilized?
  17. What is the scent that is put on the artificial rabbit used in greyhound dog racing?
  18. What is the strongest muscle in the human body in proportion to its size?
  19. Which of these tastes with its feet?
  20. What is the process called whereby plants turn carbon dioxide into food?
  21. Who was the only real person to be featured on the head of a PEZ candy dispenser?
  22. United States dollar bills are made of cotton and which of these?
  23. Which one of these United States Presidents did NOT die on July 4?
  24. What is the most common first name in the world?
  25. What was the first novel ever written on a typewriter?


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