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Multiple-Choice General Knowledge Quiz and Study Guide for Students and Homeschoolers (#11)

Updated on January 10, 2014
Do you know what a group of coyotes is called?
Do you know what a group of coyotes is called?

History, Geography, Psychology and the Solar System Are All Covered

  • There is probably no subject that I would find taboo for my general knowledge quizzes, although I try to use photographs of the subjects I don't find offensive, unpleasant, or just plain gory, and I try to leave music, sports and movies to the trivia experts. In this quiz, which is #11 in a series of many now, and more to come, you will find a lot of subjects included.
  • I like to include phobias, manias and other medical terms. Listed below you will find the questions (but not the answers) for the next quiz in case you want to brush up on your reading.
  • I hope you find this quiz to be entertaining and enlightening. Good luck!

If You Have Coulrophobia, DON'T LOOK AT THIS PICTURE!

Questions on Quiz #12

  1. What bestselling author, who wrote "The Hunt for Red October", died in October, 2013 at the age of 66?
  2. What is scoleciphobia?
  3. Which Constitutional amendment protects the public from unreasonable search and seizure?
  4. What is an oscillating motion of orbiting bodies relative to each other?
  5. Who was the only President of the United States to have killed a man in a duel?
  6. In 1964, Life Magazine referred to which of these woman as "the most hated woman in America"?
  7. In 2005, which of these was named by as one of the top 20 tools in the history of man?
  8. On the Periodic Table of Elements, CU refers to which element?
  9. What is "osmophobia"?
  10. All executions for men in California can only occur where?
  11. Who was India's "Father of the Nation," shot to death in 1948 by Nathuram Godse?
  12. What beloved child star was also a United States Ambassador to Ghana (1974) and Czechoslovakia (1989)?
  13. Which of these phrases is NOT an example of a palindrome?
  14. Which human organ system is responsible for the excretion of magnesium?
  15. What is the world's largest hornet?
  16. "Apimania" is the abnormal or excessive love of which of these?
  17. The process by which light bounces off particles in its path is called what?
  18. What is a fundamental substance called that cannot be broken down into more basic chemicals?
  19. Wind, ice and water wearing down and carrying away pieces of rock and soil is referred to as which of these?
  20. Which country is the world's leading copper producer?
  21. Where is the Great Barrier Reef located?
  22. Who wrote "Origin of the Species" in 1859?
  23. What was Plato's philosophy called that all potential forms of life are essential to a perfect creation?
  24. Who was the chief political and financial adviser to President George Washington?
  25. Approximately when did the Cold War begin between the United States and the Soviet Union?


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