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Multiple-Choice General Knowledge Quiz and Study Guide for Students and Homeschoolers (#16)

Updated on January 10, 2014

The Naked Neck Chicken

We Still Haven't Scratched the Surface of Knowledge

This is Quiz #16 and I feel like I've only just begun. There is so much information available in books, the television and on the web! I hope you are finding the quizzes interesting and challenging, and will continue to take them as I get each one completed.

I am trying to come up with new questions that you haven't seen (over and over again), and am researching each one with two to three references for each. Remember, you can't believe everything you read on the web, but I hope you will find my quizzes worthy of your trust.

Thanks for stopping by!

Dracula Chestertonii

What was the code name of the CIA operation in which Osama bin Laden was killed by Navy Seal Team 6?  This picture should give you some clues.
What was the code name of the CIA operation in which Osama bin Laden was killed by Navy Seal Team 6? This picture should give you some clues.

Questions on Quiz #17

  1. What is the ability to transmit a signal called?
  2. What is a chronic condition whereby a person's blood pressure is below normal?
  3. What is the process of transferring data between storage types, formats, or computer systems called?
  4. Who wrote the 1930 novel "Destry Rides Again"?
  5. Some historians disagree with the term "pirate" in regard to which sailor, who was executed for piracy in 1701?
  6. The "Cologne Tumbler" is a breed of which of these animals?
  7. Collapse Disorder" refers to the disappearance of which of these?
  8. What is is a form of government called that integrates elements of democracy, aristocracy, and monarchy?
  9. Which branch of military service is known as the "First to Fight"?
  10. Which of these serial killers was executed in 1991 and referred to his victims as "Coastal Kills" and "Serious Murders"?
  11. The FBI's Crime Classification Manual places serial killers into three categories. Which of these is NOT one of them?
  12. What is "persistent truncus arteriosus"?
  13. If your phobia is a fear of holes, what do you suffer from?
  14. What is the brief writing at the beginning of a book, typically not written by the author and always signed?
  15. The word "verisimilitude" would be used in regard to which of these?
  16. Which President of the United States was the commander of the PT-109 in the Pacific Theater during World War II?
  17. Who was the first American woman to walk in space?
  18. Which continent has the highest elevation in the world?
  19. Who was the first person to use the term "Manifest Destiny"?
  20. What is the term used to describe the United States' declining manufacturing region of the northeast and Midwest?
  21. Who won the "Cold War"?
  22. As of 2014, approximately how many countries are members of the United Nations?
  23. What is the most common hawk in North America?
  24. Who said: "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."?
  25. Who was considered the First Lady during bachelor James Buchanan's term as President of the United States?


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