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Multiple-Choice General Knowledge Quiz and Study Guide for Students and Homeschoolers (#19)

Updated on January 31, 2014
Queen Elizabeth II - I have included a question about this regal lady.
Queen Elizabeth II - I have included a question about this regal lady.

Haven't Scratched the Surface Yet!

This is the 19th in a series of many general knowledge quizzes designed to get you ready to impress.

I would suggest that you start with the first quiz and take it as many times as necessary to score 100%. When you are ready, move on to the next quiz and repeat. There are 25 questions in each quiz, so you can take them while you munch on lunch.

If you are home schooled in upper-grade levels, or are a home school parent, you should also find the quizzes to be useful in your daily curriculum. I expect to create about 150 general knowledge quizzes, so if your student can pass my quizzes, they should be able to do well on the tests that they will see later in life.

Good luck!

Easter Island's Famous Statues

A furnace used for the firing of pottery.  Do you know what it is called?
A furnace used for the firing of pottery. Do you know what it is called?

Questions on Quiz #20

  1. Who were the "Original 7" and the "New Nine" (in the mid 20th century)?
  2. What is "pious fraud"?
  3. Amylophagia is an abnormal craving for which of these?
  4. Which of these words refers to a learning technique that aids in memory retention?
  5. Which of these conditions is often referred to as "Dancing Eyes"?
  6. If you have "nosocomephobia", what are you afraid of?
  7. What is the term used in North America to distinguish distilled beverages from those that have not been distilled?
  8. Before a White House room became formally known as The Roosevelt Room, to which of these informal names was it referred?
  9. Which President of the United States formally named The Roosevelt Room?
  10. In regard to religion, what is a "mitre"?
  11. Approximately how many acres of land (in Washington, Idaho and Montana) were burned in the Great Fire of 1910?
  12. Which of these is located in the neck?
  13. To which world leader was Nadezhda Krupskaya married?
  14. Which of the following choices would have an "ovipositor" organ?
  15. Who was the 11th President of the United States?
  16. Which one of these names is an "orthonym"?
  17. Which of the following pseudonyms was used by two people?
  18. What is a "porringer"?
  19. Who was the inventor of the jet engine?
  20. The word tattoo comes from the Tahitian "tatu" which means what?
  21. Which state governor was nicknamed "Kingfish"?
  22. What was the first commercial jet airplane to fly faster than the speed of sound?
  23. Which blood type is referred to as the "universal donor"?
  24. Which group of people elect a new Pope when needed?
  25. What are "nidifugous birds"?


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