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Catherine the Great and her love of horses

Updated on February 17, 2015
A younger Catherine the Great
A younger Catherine the Great

Catherine the Great loved horses a bit too much?

If there is only one thing that you know about the Catherine the Great is that she died during an attempt to copulate with a horse, right? But can there really be any truth in this amazing story of attempted copulation between a stallion and one of the most powerful women of her time? Was the Empress of Russia really so sex obsessed that she would indulge in bestiality?
Certainly it’s true that she was a powerful and strong-minded woman who presided over what is now know as Russia’s Golden Age and it’s also true that she was rather open-minded about sex and had a procession of young men as lovers throughout her life – she seemed to have preferred her men to be much younger than herself, one of her lovers was only sixteen years old. In fact, even during her lifetime she was accused of being a nymphomaniac and given the nickname "Messalina of the Newa" (Messalina was the sexually insatiable and promiscuous third wife of the Roman Emperor Claudius.), her sexual appetite was not a secret. Catherine even had potential lovers tested by her Ladies In Waiting to enusre that she wasn’t disappolinted in the sack by any new conquests – Catherine, it seems, left nothing to chance in her quest for a damn good night! She also was rather liberal in her decorating tastes, having a whole room set aside as an homage to the genitals. The erotic cabinet, as it became known was a room in one of her palaces decorated with erotic art and even furniture was highly eccentric with tables that had large penises for legs. Penises and vaginas were carved out on the furniture.
So, Catherine the Great had a voracious sexual appetite, she was a woman who knew what she wanted, so would she have had sex with an animal? The legends of her death often become rather specific, even to the point where they describe the harness the horse was put into that allegedly broke (or that the attendants lost their grip on the ropes tethering the animal) as it was lowered onto her naked body, killing her instantly is of cause, not true. In fact Catherine died aged 67 after suffering a stroke.
The stories about her sexual excesses, not just about sex with horses but also tales of lesbian liaisons and couplings with dogs were nothing but very successful attempts to blacken her name, riding on the back of her true sexual liberation, probably by her Polish enemies whom Catherine crushed during her reign.
The stories of Catherine the Great’s sexual encounters seem to be one of the most successful besmirching of a woman’s character in history!

The Empress of Russia in her later years.
The Empress of Russia in her later years.

It’s probably true to say that this urban legend only really stays alive because the sexual excesses involves the lust of a woman, the sexual deviances of women holds a titillating interest in society, the bizarre sexual practices of, say, Roman Emperors are seen as creepy and hold our interests in the same way as a car crash – you know you shouldn’t look but you just cannot help yourself – but when it’s a woman enjoying taboo sex then our interests becomes almost voyeuristic.

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