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What Are The Main Causes Of Global Warming

Updated on December 30, 2012

There is a lot of debate over what are causes of global warming but it has been narrowed down to two camps. Aren’t we lucky. But there is another voice in the wilderness that is being trodden on as it is possible the main reason. Nobody or very few talk about this cause, as it is our birthright to populate ourselves out of existence.

The main causes of global warming that are hitting the headlines are either something to do with activities of mankind or natural cycles of the earth. The people who say that global warming is caused by activities of mankind blame the burning of fossil fuels – coal, oil and natural gas.

But Fossil Fuels Are The Lifeblood Of Out Civilization And Without Them Our Civilization Comes To An End.

The people who blame the sun say there is very little we can do to stop global warming. The minority in the mix are the people who say population is the biggest problem and the main cause of global warming and they advocate only having one child. Relatively speaking the simplest thing we can to save the planet is stop having kids. But who is going to do that.

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Our Birthright Is To Overpopulate The Planet And We Are Doing A Very Good Job Of It.

We are doing it so well we will overpopulate ourselves out of existence in this generation. So if you are thinking of having kids just stop and think how much food is there going to be after global warming turns good farmland into desert, then only have one. That way they will use less fossil fuel and hopefully your child won’t die in an oil war.

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