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Causes of Increase in Population

Updated on April 16, 2013

The main factors which have led to the great increase in population are as follows:

(1) Drop in death rate. Due to advances in medical science, the death rate has sharply come down from 28 per thousand population in 1951 to 7.1 per thousand population in 2006-07.

(2) Low standard of living. It is an established fact that people with low income have more children. The poor persons are not afraid of a further fall in their standard of living as a result of large number of children.

(3) Early marriages. In Pakistan, the marriage take place usually between 15 to 22 years of age. The span for reproductively is longer.

(4) Tropical climate. The warm climate where puberty is attained at an early age.

(5) Belief that God is Raziq. Muslim have a firm belief that God gives food to everyone even to an ant living in a stone. So why reduce the size of family?

(6) Source of power. Large family is regarded a power to influence people and subdue persons around them.

(7) illiteracy. Due to lack of education people are not aware of the economic distress caused by high birth rate.

(8) Joint family system. The joint family system though on the decline is also a cause for rapid bringing forth of children.

(9) Existence of polygamy. The existence of polygamy also contribute to the increase in population.

(10) Resistance to population control drive. The population control drive has not been pursed by the Government of Pakistan in right manner due to resistance on ethical grounds.

(11) The influx of refugees. The influx of refugees from India, Afghanistan, is continuing unabated in Pakistan. Pakistan is now a refugee paradise.

(12) Universality of marriage. All men and woman of marriageable age enter into wedlock. as such the birth rate is higher in Pakistan.


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      Great work.

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      It is very nice information

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      sir i need more brief answer why population growth increasing in pakistan

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