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Causes of Suicide: Signs and Awareness

Updated on July 7, 2012
One cause of suicide is clinical depression
One cause of suicide is clinical depression

Suicide signs and awareness

It may not be easy to tell if someone is contemplating taking their own life. Many dealing with this battle hide their true feelings and may withhold anything that would indicate their intentions. You have to keep a close eye out for any signs that someone you know may commit suicide. Here are a couple of suicidal awareness tips.

  • Depression- #1 cause of suicide in America

Those who suffer depression have a high risk of committing suicide. The most serious form is clinical depression. Most people who commit suicide suffer from this mental illness. Suicide prevention is effective and those who have clinical depression or experience suicidal thoughts and/or actions, call the suicide prevention hotline 800-SUICIDE (800-784-2433). The following are signs of clinical depression.

  1. Difficulty with memory, concentration and decision making
  2. fatigue
  3. guilty or worthless feeling
  4. insomnia or over sleeping
  5. interest in hobbies and activities including sexual loss
  6. dramatic appetite changes, increase or decrease
  7. lasting aches, pains, and digestive issues
  8. sad, anxious, and/or feelings of empty/void
  9. suicide thoughts and/or actions

Suicide Signs

As part of suicide awareness and prevention, the following signs should be recognized:

  1. Extreme mood swings (very sad to calm or happy)
  2. Thoughts or talks about death all the time
  3. Clinical Depression (Major Depression)
  4. Risk taking behavior
  5. No interest in things once enjoyed
  6. talking about being hopeless/helpless or without worth
  7. tying up loose ends (ex: changing will)
  8. Conversating about committing suicide
  9. Saying "goodbye" to loved ones

Other causes of suicide

Over 90% of those who commit suicide suffered from mental illnesses. The most common cause of death is depression. Other mental illnesses can lead to suicidal thoughts and actions such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Depression can be a genetic mental illness. Some people are born with it but don't know until it kicks in.

Suicide signs show mostly in depressed people but usually there is multiple reasons one takes their own life. Someone who has negative life events and do not get treated for it is another of the list of causes of suicide. Some negative life events can include victimization of one or a loved one 9 (ex: rape, murder, etc.), legal issues or incarceration, humiliation, bullying, abuse of any nature, intense pain or illness, and much more. These events can lead to depression, which in turn is the main cause of suicide. Men account for 71% of suicides in America, four times higher than women.


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